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I have worked in the same hospital for 3 years. There is a certain department within my hospital that I have wanted to work in since I first was employed on this hospital in a different... Read More

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    Quote from RNdynamic
    The shadow I set up with an assistant manager by direct contact. I had not wished to apply at that time; I was shadowing in many units so I could figure out what I wanted. I doubt the manager even knew I shadowed or if she did, knew who I was.

    I did email the main manager of the department in order to ask what she was looking for. Unfortunately that email was ignored.

    Ah sorry, I just saw this. I would still email her again. Assume she didn't see it. Really, you have nothing to lose at this point.

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    The HR acts same at my employer, you sure we don't at the same place! I think you got some good advice here. Yes the email reply was rough but forget them. Unless they have been a nurse they wouldn't know a thing about the job let alone nursing. If I was you I would forget the trying to reach the manager. I've found from personal experience the head manager is usually too busy with meetings and delegates a lot of stuff to others. It's the Asst. Manager that really does the day to day stuff, is more accessible and knowledgeable about the info you seek. You've already made contact so already got an in.
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    Politics is so tricky. I would not email the manager. I would try and shadow on the floor again, and would introduce yourself as a person interested in working on the floor to the manager.
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    Yeah, I felt that way too. Rude, nasty people who are probably very unhappy in their everyday lives in positions where they are supposed to assist and advise others. Oh well. Live and learn. Thanks for the comments. Maybe I'll just look outside the organization instead of internally.
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    Certainly not a warm response. HR could've handled this better... me thinks.
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    Quote from RNdynamic
    I left a polite message on the answering tape of the recruiter who takes care of screening hires for the unit. I very politely asked what I could to to strengthen myself as an applicant, asked what the manager was looking for in applicants. I received a voicemail back stating that it was not appropriate to call about this and that if the manager was interested, I would be informed.
    My view on this probably isn't going to be popular, but here it is anyway: The recruiter isn't responsible for telling you how you can strengthen yourself. That's what career counselors are for. The recruiter's job is to find the best qualified applicants for open positions. The recruiter is also probably responsible for multiple departments, and may not be aware of what each individual nurse manager is looking for as they generally are relying on the job description. The person you should contact about what the manager is looking for is the manager him/herself.
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    Personally I wouldn't ask HR or the nursing manager on how you can strengthen yourself as a candidate. The HR person might think your questioning his/her judgment. I would not bother the nursing manager with e-mails or phone calls. I believe you should just meet the nurse manager in person when you shadow there or introduce yourself when he/she is not busy. I would just express your interest in the job and not ask what does he/she wants in an applicant. Once you express your interest, usually the manager will tell you what is needed to get the job.
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    Unfortunately, we live life forward.
    (This is in reply to your quote at the bottom of your entry.)
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    They are supposed to assist and advise not candidates like yourself. They are to assist and advise the hiring managers by screening candidates.
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    I disagree with you Kooky Korky if you are referring to HR. They are supposed assist all customers. Those customer are applicants and managers. The response was very toxic to it's recruitment mission.

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