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  1. Gentleman_nurse

    Job vs grades while in school more important?

    I give you the advice I wish someone would have given me when I was a ADN student. Join a nurse professional association of your interest and attend local chapters events. Meet other professionals who share your interests. Serve on a committee. It is so true it's who you know not what you know.
  2. Gentleman_nurse

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Let me clarify. It seems many pursue FNP which is a generalist field rather than a subspecialty as you mentioned. I was wondering if this root cause. The feeling FNP's are interchangeable and have a basic level of knowledge (in the eyes of others). Additionally they are competing with primary care physicians and physician assistants. So why pay a premium. I probably answered my own question but I want to know what others think especially those who are FNP's.
  3. Gentleman_nurse

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Hey Goldenfox I recall reading many posts about nurses pursuing FNP vs. AGNP because it was a broader scope of practice. Do you think lack of subspecialty fields has anything to do with the glut?
  4. Gentleman_nurse

    Never let a recruiter tell you can't get into the ICU Speciality

    WindycityICURN I hear you and agree with you. Just to give you perspective. Recruiters are body seekers for the facility not a career counselor. They want to fill jobs quickly with a nurses who are the most acceptable, with the least risk or effort on their part. Not necessarily the most qualified nurses.
  5. Gentleman_nurse

    Nursing Day VS Nursing Night Pre-requistes

    I was curious so I checked the website. The evening program is part time so you need to have your liberal arts classes completed before you take nursing classes. The day program is full time so you can take them together. The recommended sequence for a full time day student is extremely heavy. I'm sure it has a high drop out rate. If you pursue that option, get a tutor or form a study group starting the first day!
  6. Gentleman_nurse

    Online FNP that doesn't feel self taught?

    I'm going to direct you to ask that question to the schools you are interested in. Not that I'm being a jerk but because what they say to you and how they say it to will tell you if they embrace online learning and recognize it is different from face to face instruction or not.
  7. Gentleman_nurse

    Online FNP that doesn't feel self taught?

    In graduate education you are expected to be an independent learner. There is only so much that can be covered in a class, course or semester. There will always be the need to learn information outside classroom. It's that way by design. I do understand you fear about bad instruction. The better online programs use professional instructional designers to build the courses. The professors facilitate what was built.
  8. Gentleman_nurse

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Interesting article. Thank you for posting the link. It says 75% of new NP's are FNP's. This places them in direct competition with physician assistants and primary care doctors for jobs. It also doesn't help few programs teach business concepts to think of themselves as a revenue generating professional not a salaried worker.
  9. Gentleman_nurse

    Can't Choose Between 2 Residencies

    Examine the quality of training between both positions. Some places call it a 'residency' but no education is occurring. Are there didactics outside the usual topics of infection control or documentation? Are there labs or active learning activities or is it all powerpoint. Is there a capstone activity? Are preceptors selected and trained? Do they have a reduced work schedule to mentor?
  10. Gentleman_nurse

    FNP getting psych certification

    Hi Cindy-20 This is not meant to be a chastising 'you got be committed' speech. I get it. You want to work as an NP. FNP career opportunities are not presenting themselves and you're looking at options. I'd consider the same thing myself. I've met a few dual certified FNP/PMHNP's. Most of them were already practicing psychiatry and got certified when BON's got strict on FNP scope of practice. Bear in mind, treating psychiatric illness is very emotionally draining and will burn you out in a few years if your heart is not into it (heck it's hard if heart is in it). I've seen it many times. They look like the living dead and loathe everything about the world. You don't want to be that person. Look before you leap. Shadow a few practicing PMHNP's first. See if it excites you or it's just meh.
  11. Gentleman_nurse

    Should I appeal?

    I don't know you and you don't know me so I'm going to give the benefit of doubt what you posted is true and complete. Unfairness is not a valid defense. Review your institution and department student handbook, academic guidelines, and policies. Faculty have a lot of discretion in how they teach. To win an appeal, you must prove there was an infraction outside those guidelines.
  12. Gentleman_nurse

    Kicked out of nursing school, I don't know what to do now

    OK first thing take a deep breath and calm down. Your future in nursing isn't over. I attended Hunter, not for nursing but did investigate it when I was applying for RN programs. Now things may have changed but it was my understanding: 1. You needed to complete prerequisite courses as pre-nursing major (open admissions) and then apply for entry into the clinical nursing program at Hunter which was a competitive process. 2. There was grade forgiveness policy which you can retake a class and the old grade is dropped from your GPA. Is this still the case? Were you denied entry into the clinical part or you were guaranteed entry into the nursing program as a freshman as long as you passed your classes?
  13. Gentleman_nurse

    New grad struggling to find jobs

    Tanny22 You are not doing anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with your applications. The nursing hiring process is badly broken. The goal of HR is not finding the best and brightest but to screen out the large numbers of applications. If you had your license, there would be something else which your application would be rejected on. Your best bet is developing personal contacts. Go to nursing meet ups and networking events. Ask your professors if they can introduce you to folks. It really is true 'It's who you know.'
  14. Nothing to do with you or your credentials. They would have gave you the 'someone was a better fit' line. Sounds like the budget for that nursing position was diverted to another department or another purpose by higher management. It stinks to be treated this way but it's a warning how they value their employees.
  15. Gentleman_nurse

    Help with board complaint

    FrenchieB1986, your post sparked my curiosity to check out the MS BON discipline page. The cases primarily centered around substance impaired nurses, med diversion or patient harm. Unless your relationship significantly affected patient care (your employer prevented this by changing your assignment), I doubt investigators have the resources or inclination to get involved in a domestic matter.