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Gentleman_nurse is a MSN and specializes in Behavioral health.

former military medic

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  1. Gentleman_nurse

    Inpatient or outpatient PMHNP?

    Also consider even with inpatient vs outpatient there are variations to consider such as mild & moderate severity vs chronic, socioeconomic diversity. General vs specialized treatment environments. Regional culture. My advice is to pick a niche. There are many nuances to learn that go beyond content knowledge.
  2. Gentleman_nurse

    Is disclosing a mental health record that awful of a thing to do?

    Dear Mental Health Disclosure, Wishing you positive energy that everything gets resolved in your favor. You did nothing wrong! You had challenges and responsibly sought out help. That makes you a great nurse. If that is held against you then the nursing profession does not deserve to have you.
  3. Gentleman_nurse

    NP school application question- Confused on what they're asking

    The way I interpret it is: Question 1. Why a MSN vs another type of degree or certificate? Why that school vs another school? What do you hope to learn? Question 2. What are your plans after earning the MSN? What prior experience made you interested in this path? Don't overthink it. It's open ended with no correct answers. They want to get to know you and get a sense of your writing skills.
  4. I've had similar experiences. Especially applying through HR or automated system. You're dealing with drones and lackluster leadership.
  5. Gentleman_nurse

    Failed PMHNP - need advice please

    Ok you had your pity party. Time to get back into the game. What was useless about the study resources Barkley, Pocket prep? Please be specific. Was there anything helpful? (yeah it sounds like an essay question!)
  6. Hi Gentleman nurse! I failed again! I don't know what to do..I always pass the other 2 sections but get low in Policy. I am so distraught.



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    2. kp1791


      Thank you! I am taking the test in October! 😞 Studying 7 hours a day..I hope I pass this time. I will lose hope if I don't. The ANCC test is nothing like BoardVitals and even their ANCC practice test bank which costs $125. I don't get it. 😞


    3. Gentleman_nurse
    4. kp1791


      Thank you Gentleman nurse!! :))))))))

  7. Gentleman_nurse

    Failed PMHNP - need advice please

    You're welcome Hopefully others will also post some ideas too. If I see anything else I'll reach out to you. Let us know how things are going.
  8. Gentleman_nurse

    Failed PMHNP - need advice please

    It's a temporary setback nothing more. Some options to consider: 1. Get the official ANCC review book. It also has questions and goes over the theory in bulleted summary form. I find it overpriced so borrow or rent a copy. 2. Find a NP Role and theory text closely aligned to the test blueprint and review the content. Again borrow or rent. Your school library should have plenty to choose from.
  9. Gentleman_nurse

    Failed PMHNP - need advice please

    Hi Sarah: What was the source of the ANCC questions? The one's in the review official book or the one's sold on the ANCC website?
  10. Gentleman_nurse

    New Grad NP feeling Overwhelmed, Scared

    Dolgre411 I can't speak from personal experience yet but every NP has told me the first year is challenging because it's a new and unique experience. You are continuing to learn and grow. Thousands have successfully made the transition before you and I guarantee they all felt the same way as you.
  11. Gentleman_nurse

    Relocating to Gainesville

    Hello Allnurses Family I'll be relocating from NY to Gainesville, FL for a job at the VA. Just me, no family at this time. We decided I should rent for one year and if it's a good fit then move permanently. I wanted to get insights from everyone here regarding about everything and anything. The culture, places to live. etc.
  12. Gentleman_nurse

    Taking Advanced Health Assessment before Advanced Patho

    Unless your program does something uniquely different, the order is not significant. It's not like math which taking calculus builds on knowledge of algebra.
  13. Gentleman_nurse

    Top Name School or second tier school for DNP

    Go with the program that best enables you to reach your goals without financial strain. Keep in mind these goals are currently within your grasp without a DNP.
  14. Gentleman_nurse

    Two weeks in-not sure I can do this!

    Every person has their unique learning style. Unfortunately you figure it out only through the pain of trial and error. I found I could read everything but it still would not make sense or stick until I applied the information. What worked for me was to 1) Read through the content normal speed not for detail, 2) Do study questions, exercises, ect... 3) Re-read the content as needed.
  15. Gentleman_nurse

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Let me clarify. It seems many pursue FNP which is a generalist field rather than a subspecialty as you mentioned. I was wondering if this root cause. The feeling FNP's are interchangeable and have a basic level of knowledge (in the eyes of others). Additionally they are competing with primary care physicians and physician assistants. So why pay a premium. I probably answered my own question but I want to know what others think especially those who are FNP's.
  16. Gentleman_nurse

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    Hey Goldenfox I recall reading many posts about nurses pursuing FNP vs. AGNP because it was a broader scope of practice. Do you think lack of subspecialty fields has anything to do with the glut?