Unsanitary practice?

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    I work in a pediatric clinic where patients and staff are routinely exposed to fecal matter and blood. We have expanded, and the "new" exam room has no sink. I've been vocal about the limitations of alcohol-based hand cleaners and the need for a sink to no avail; I've been told to stop talking about it. Any similar situations out there?

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    That's disgusting and wrong. I say report it and start looking for a new job.
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    Who are you talking to about this? We had a similar issue - no sink in the hallway of our new unit, just in the med room which has locked access. Nurses complained about it and nothing. A nurse asked the doctor to throw a fuss about it - which he did - and bam in a few days a sink was installed in the hallway. Maybe you have to just find the right person.
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    My understanding is that alcohol-based hand sanitizer is more effective at reducing bacteria, which as an old school handwashing nurse I can accept intellectually, but taking away our ability to wash poop off our (or the patient/parent)hands right in the room (barf, drool, etc) is the ultimate cheap-out and frankly, just gross.

    Additionally, I think it's reassuring to patients and parents to see their healthcare provider washing their hands.
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    Alcohol based hand sanitizers do not kill C-diff. I hear about poop, I immediately think C-diff. Personally, I'd refuse to use that room unless they installed a sink. Then I'd report it to OSHA and the JC.
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    Everything I've ever read has said that sanitizer is okay UNLESS HANDS ARE VISIBLY SOILED. Then you need soap-and-water.
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    Sanitizer does NOT kill C.-Diff spores. I second the thoughts of Nursetastic. Only soap and water kills it.
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    Sanitizer is not effective for killing spores or enteric bacteria. Freakin gross!
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    Is there a sink available at all?
    If not in the examining room, then somewhere you can wash you hands?
    If there is a sink, then use it, and stop complaining. In the world of office politics, if you have actually been told to stop complaining about something, consider it a warning. You have spoken and they have heard.
    Also in the office politics world: have you been complaining about this problem to a person who is in a position to do something about your problem? Do you have clout/position/power? How much would it cost to have a sink installed?
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    Is it just one room without a sink? How far away is the nearest sink? I have seen office rooms (as a patient) where sinks were in the halls instead of the rooms and it didn't seem like a big problem.

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