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my friend who is a RN , went for a job interview . the person who was interviewing her asked her , now that you left your last job what would they be saying about you? she said " what do you mean?"... Read More

  1. by   Beautiful Mind RN
    When I was 17 (I am 27 now), I was interviewing for a non-medical position, specifically, a hostess position at a restaurant. This was my second time doing a job interview. Despite my nerves, I did fairly well. The manager was impressed too. After he walked me to my car (since it was night time), I proceeded to leave thereafter as he returned inside, but unfortunately when I backed out, I did it too wide and ended up side swiping the truck next to me, doing some pretty hefty damage to the side panels. Getting out...I was absolutely horrified and bawling.

    To make matters worse, the whole restaurant (staff and patrons alike) saw the incident. I was writing up my insurance information to leave on the car, when I heard a voice behind me say, "What happened to my car?!"

    Guess whose car I struck? You guessed it...the manager that I just impressed in my interview! Now my horror was coupled with absolute mortification! I was a blubbering mess...

    In the end, my insurance paid for everything (my parents' premiums went up too. Mom didn't speak to me for weeks.)

    Despite all of that though, to my surprise, I still got the job!
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  2. by   mariebailey
    I was almost 2 hours late to an interview once. I could have died, but the GPS was programmed incorrectly, and I had no idea where I was going b/c I was 1700 miles away from home in very busy metro DC. This sounds like a lousy excuse, but it's true. They still interviewed and hired me though.
  3. by   RNewbie
    I was interviewing for a cocktail server position at a casino nightclub. I got lost, ended up being about 40 min late. When I walk into the interview room, there is a panel of judges. Everyone was looking at me, Ms Late. No one told me this would be a panel interview! Since it was a food and beverage job I wore casual clothes. I had worked in this industry for years and never dressed up for an interview. I walk in the room there are about 50 applicants, all of them dressed in business attire. I had on skinny jeans, a graffic tee, and sandals. I was mortified; I wanted to just turn around and leave. They started going around the room asking everyone questions and you had to stand up and reply in front of everyone. Afterwards, they told ppl to step outside the room once their name was called. They never called my name. The ppl left were the ones who were hired. There was one position left for cocktail and I got it! I guess it was just meant to be. They were going for a certain look tho.
  4. by   NurseCard
    Long before I became a nurse, I had a rather brief career as a graphic artist. The first job as an artist that I had, I hated. It didn't pay well, it was too far to drive, I wasn't doing any type of artwork that I wanted to be doing... I didn't fit in... the whole nine yards. Well, I was doing quite a bit of dabbling into web
    design, and landed an interview at a very small web design firm.

    The lead designer and I had an interview together at an Applebees, and it went beautifully. I really thought that I had the job in the bag. Well, then he brought me back into the office for a second interview. He then proceeded to plop me down in front of a computer that I wasn't familiar with, and wanted me to
    FIRE OFF some graphics, just to show him that I could. I simply do not work that fast, and I became extremely nervous and choked, big time. Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

    A couple of months or so later, I got fired from the other graphics job. It then became obvious that I was NOT going to have a career in graphic design. I had yet another brief career, in retail management =), then in the Fall of '01, I began nursing school. The rest is history. =)
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  5. by   Nightingallow
    Quote from NurseDirtyBird
    Finally, one of them says, "That chair is pretty fun, isn't it?" I stop immediately and turn bright red, realizing that I had been twisting that chair the entire time. I mumbled some yes or no answers to the rest of the questions and hurried out of there as fast as I could. I never heard back from them. Can't imagine why.
    You probably handled better than I would have. I would've prob have done something clownish or have done some Jim Carrey antic and my story would end up in another AN forum under "who's the weirdest interviewee you ever interviewed"
    Something on the line of "good thing we're not on a boat." If this was the break room, I would prob have proceeded to sail it.

    So kudos for not doing the above. It could've been worse.
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  6. by   texasmum
    The question about are you married - do you have children - that's an illegal question!
  7. by   Kdrenee
    My first PCT interview was at a huge teaching hospital in Houston, and I wanted it SOOOO bad. I wasn't nrevous or anything and the first half of it went extermely well. I was answering all of the questions on key, and even had them smiling.

    Now keep in mind I had just finished my CNA course about a week before. My interviewer aksed me "So what would you do if you were charting and every light on your hall went off at the same time?" (in school we called the call lights call bells,weird.) So I answered..."well, I guess I would find a flashlight." They just looked at me like I was crazy and went on to the next question. As the interview went on I realized what she was talking about and at the end I corrected myself. She just laughed and hired me on the spot!!!! Boy was I emberassed though.

  8. by   goomer
    My interview to get into medical school (I was going to become a doctor before I became a nurse) went pretty well until I burped at the very end of it. That burp came out of nowhere! My interview panel started laughing like crazy though. They thought it was great! I was accepted to that medical school, actually, and ended up doing three of the four years.

    Nevertheless, I about wanted to DIE when that burp happened.
  9. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Quote from ChristineN
    My worst job interview was when the interviewer asked me if I was married or had kids as it is always more difficult to accommodate the schedule needs of nurses with families.
    This sounds awful but I'm pretty sure a big part of why I got my coveted hospital job *was* my answer to this question. Not exactly asked, but the byproduct of chit-chat with the nurse manager during my job interview -- so...probably real, y'know?

    Hubby has a good paying, stable job with a large company in the area. We had just bought a house. No kids, not planning any time soon. I got the job.
  10. by   SNB1014
    the comment about the burp gave me the confidence to admit that when i had interviewed for a sales associate position at Express, it was just prior to the holiday rush, so they were doing group interviews.
    i farted a big, bad, silent but deadly one. it was choking.
    but, i was dressed up in my fashionable interview wear looking on pointe and professional (hey i needed to pay for my nursing textbooks somehow!) and I never let on it was me.

    they must not have guessed me either since I got the job and stayed for a year eve after the holiday season.

    i still cringe when i think about the reactions in the room from people who were trying to keep it cool, answering questions but still remembering he who smelt it, dealt it!
  11. by   bell1962
    Early 80' of my 1st interviews just out of nursing school....talking about clinical rotations.. different medication storage/dispensing methods I encountered. I was stating how strange it was at one location I had clinical at they kept stock bottles of all the medications in a big cabinet arranged aphabetically. Well it turns out that was how they stored their meds too! oops, didn't get that job...
  12. by   pockunit
    Quote from ChristineN
    My worst job interview was when the interviewer asked me if I was married or had kids as it is always more difficult to accommodate the schedule needs of nurses with families.
    WHOA illegal question.
  13. by   MJB2010
    When I was a new grad I FINALLY scored an interview. The interviewer started asking me all kinds of questions about my experience at xy and z all places I had never worked. I gave her a copy of my rsum and then she started yelling at me that I was not the right person. She then Called HR and the hr lady came And they screamed at each other like I was not there. Apparently there was another candidate with the same first name as me that was the person she wanted. No one apologized or anything they just told me to leave they don't hire new grads. I cried the whole way home. Guess where I NEVER want to work! That manager was dreadful and not at all professional.