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my friend who is a RN , went for a job interview . the person who was interviewing her asked her , now that you left your last job what would they be saying about you? she said " what do you mean?" the lady said to her well ,... Read More

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    After I had been home with my kids for years, I decided to go back to the hospital per diem. I sent in a bunch of resumes and applications. I wasn't hearing back from any places, but I knew that the job market was very different than it was in the past. Finally, I got a phone call from a hospital, asking me to come in for an interview! I had applied to their hospital online, completing the application and attaching a resume. I was thrilled. So, the day comes, and I was totally excited. My parents were watching the kids so I could go on my very first job interview in years. I was so ready for my "new beginning".

    I got there, waited, then took a med calculation test. Finally, I was called in to speak with the HR woman. She began with your standard interview type of questions. Then she starts looking at my paperwork and says, "You haven't worked in 7 years?" I told her that was true, thinking it was strange that she hadn't noticed that on my application or resume. She tells me, "I'm sorry, but they never should have called you in for an interview. You'll need to do a refresher course before we could even consider hiring you." She did seem a bit flustered and embarrassed herself. I don't know how that bit of info escaped everyone's attention.

    Anyway, I was absolutely, positively humiliated!! Here I was, all dressed up in my interview clothes. I had been giddy about this interview for days. I felt like such a fool. I gathered up the last scrap of my dignity and went to my car, where I called my husband and burst into tears. Plus, I knew that when I got home, my parents would excitedly be asking how it went... Talk about having your bubble burst!

    FWIW, I did end up doing a refresher class, and getting a per diem position at a different hospital. So, all's well that ends well... But I still cringe when I remember that interview.

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    Little known facts about CheesePotato:

    I worked in business for....a long time for a major corporation.
    I worked there until I went into nursing/healthcare.
    I thought I could handle any interview tactic after dealing with the workings of silver tongued business people.

    I was wrong.

    So here I am in the office of the director of a sleep lab, having had a wonderful interview that eventually devolved into light-hearted casual conversation. The office is decked out in two wing-back chairs used for interviews, etc and the director, we'll call her Pamela, is just coming off a night shift of covering for a tech that was out sick. So the fact that she is now curled up in the chair with a throw across her lap draws little but not remarkable attention.

    I glance away for a moment to pluck my coffee cup from the side table and am taking a sip when a low, demonic growl snarls across the room.

    "Don't **** me!"

    Many of you will know what I mean when I say did a perfect "spit take". One decimated hanky later, I'm gaping like a nest of angry hornets just materialized in the chair across from me. "I beg your pardon?"

    And there she sits, perfectly composed, face almost blank. She sighs like she's going to relax more but then hisses, "Don't even think about ******* me over."

    And is where the real CheesePotato rears her ugly head, stirred to life by the presence of profanity.

    "Not on the first date. And I usually at least buy you a drink first."

    : facepalm :

    Damnedest thing I've ever experienced.
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    Quote from CheesePotato
    I glance away for a moment to pluck my coffee cup from the side table and am taking a sip when a low, demonic growl snarls across the room.

    "Don't **** me!"

    Many of you will know what I mean when I say did a perfect "spit take". One decimated hanky later, I'm gaping like a next of angry hornets just materialized in the chair across from me. "I beg your pardon?"

    And there she sits, perfectly composed, face almost blank. She sighs like she's going to relax more but then hisses, "Don't even think about @#$%ing me over."
    Dear lord, CheesePotato.
    What on earth was wrong with the woman?
    Did she fall asleep and then was dreaming?
    Psychotic or what??
    I would have high-tailed it outta there.
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    Quote from ChristineN
    My worst job interview was when the interviewer asked me if I was married or had kids as it is always more difficult to accommodate the schedule needs of nurses with families.
    Isn't that ILLEGAL?

    RUN for the door.
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    Quote from CherylRNBSN

    Isn't that ILLEGAL?

    RUN for the door.
    Yes it is. I mistakenly took the job anyway and left 5 months later. Worst job ever
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    I was fresh out of high school, interviewing for a government clerical position. I'd passed all the tests and stuff, typing, etc., and they seemed surprised that I'd passed and moved on to the actual interview. Turns out I have to inverview with three high level managers at the same time, something I wasn't prepared for. So I walk into the room, trying to act confident, but am incredibly nervous (it was one of my first ever job interviews), and sit in the chair they offered me. -IT WAS A SPINNING CHAIR- So you know how the rest of this story goes. They ask me questions. I answer, while unconsiously twisting back and forth in this chair. They ask more questions, with little smiles on their faces. I answer, thinking hey! This might be going pretty well! (still twisting in the chair). Finally, one of them says, "That chair is pretty fun, isn't it?" I stop immediately and turn bright red, realizing that I had been twisting that chair the entire time. I mumbled some yes or no answers to the rest of the questions and hurried out of there as fast as I could. I never heard back from them. Can't imagine why.
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    When I was 17 (I am 27 now), I was interviewing for a non-medical position, specifically, a hostess position at a restaurant. This was my second time doing a job interview. Despite my nerves, I did fairly well. The manager was impressed too. After he walked me to my car (since it was night time), I proceeded to leave thereafter as he returned inside, but unfortunately when I backed out, I did it too wide and ended up side swiping the truck next to me, doing some pretty hefty damage to the side panels. Getting out...I was absolutely horrified and bawling.

    To make matters worse, the whole restaurant (staff and patrons alike) saw the incident. I was writing up my insurance information to leave on the car, when I heard a voice behind me say, "What happened to my car?!"

    Guess whose car I struck? You guessed it...the manager that I just impressed in my interview! Now my horror was coupled with absolute mortification! I was a blubbering mess...

    In the end, my insurance paid for everything (my parents' premiums went up too. Mom didn't speak to me for weeks.)

    Despite all of that though, to my surprise, I still got the job!
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    I was almost 2 hours late to an interview once. I could have died, but the GPS was programmed incorrectly, and I had no idea where I was going b/c I was 1700 miles away from home in very busy metro DC. This sounds like a lousy excuse, but it's true. They still interviewed and hired me though.
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    I was interviewing for a cocktail server position at a casino nightclub. I got lost, ended up being about 40 min late. When I walk into the interview room, there is a panel of judges. Everyone was looking at me, Ms Late. No one told me this would be a panel interview! Since it was a food and beverage job I wore casual clothes. I had worked in this industry for years and never dressed up for an interview. I walk in the room there are about 50 applicants, all of them dressed in business attire. I had on skinny jeans, a graffic tee, and sandals. I was mortified; I wanted to just turn around and leave. They started going around the room asking everyone questions and you had to stand up and reply in front of everyone. Afterwards, they told ppl to step outside the room once their name was called. They never called my name. The ppl left were the ones who were hired. There was one position left for cocktail and I got it! I guess it was just meant to be. They were going for a certain look tho.
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    Long before I became a nurse, I had a rather brief career as a graphic artist. The first job as an artist that I had, I hated. It didn't pay well, it was too far to drive, I wasn't doing any type of artwork that I wanted to be doing... I didn't fit in... the whole nine yards. Well, I was doing quite a bit of dabbling into web
    design, and landed an interview at a very small web design firm.

    The lead designer and I had an interview together at an Applebees, and it went beautifully. I really thought that I had the job in the bag. Well, then he brought me back into the office for a second interview. He then proceeded to plop me down in front of a computer that I wasn't familiar with, and wanted me to
    FIRE OFF some graphics, just to show him that I could. I simply do not work that fast, and I became extremely nervous and choked, big time. Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

    A couple of months or so later, I got fired from the other graphics job. It then became obvious that I was NOT going to have a career in graphic design. I had yet another brief career, in retail management =), then in the Fall of '01, I began nursing school. The rest is history. =)
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