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List your crazy interview questions... - page 2

I've been on too many interviews, and I'm sure that some of you are looking to interview so here's what you may have in store. Also... most interviews have behavioral based questions, e.g, tell me... Read More

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    I have no idea what it was about but I highly doubt its a test about hipaa. Lol i'm not breaking any laws with doctors names. I did walk out of there with a wth was this all about....every question started with "how do you do this at your current job"
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    I'm a new grad and I was asked if I passed NCLEX the first time, how many questions and how I studied! I thought that was really weird, but I was hired and found out later that the HR person who sat in the interview was a 2nd time fail and preparing to test for the 3rd time. Seems she just wanted study tips :-)
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