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  1. auchiepie

    Leaving NYP

    I was offered a position outside of NYP, at another big name healthcare setting in NYC. I feel unhappy and unsupported by directors and management. Any other nurse feel the same? I'm going to leave regardless I just want to hear some personal opinions. How can we put patients first if we aren't practicing safe nursing care?
  2. auchiepie

    Nursing theorists

    I'm writing a paper for my MSN, anyone know any theories or theorists that have used Orem's Self Care model as a foundation for their theories?
  3. auchiepie

    NYP New grad position

    What campus did you apply to
  4. auchiepie

    Dominican College, NY ABSN 2013-2014

    No matter where you go you'll get some professors who are supportive some who aren't. Of all the nursing colleges I've heard of, I have many friends who are now nurses who graduated in NJ and NY schools, Dominican has the worst reputation. I've heard first hand that the professors are racist, and try to fail you, which is good for the program bcos it shows that it is competitive. Also their rate of passing the nclex the first time is very low. I know someone who graduated 2011 and someone who graduated 2013 and still have yet to pass the nclex. I apologize if this sounds very negative, but I'm trying to be realistic as possible. If you are able to just do your work, have a good study group, and family or friend support then you will be able to get by. This is speaking on behalf of the weekday accelerated program, not too sure about the weekend accelerated program. Also don't think this negativity is from people who haven't passed the program or the nclex, it is also from those who are successful nurses right now. May I add, successful from their hard work and connections into major hospitals, no help from Dominican college. A gf of mine who graduated from there couldn't find a job for a year. When she went to Dominican professors for help, all they did was tell her to wait, aka they were useless. A few months later a friend of a friend got her a job at Memorial Sloan. The head of the department found out and wanted her to come in and speak with the new set of absn students and talk about how Dominican opened so many doors for her. My friend got upset that they were trying to take credit for her getting a job at such an accredited hospital she refused to answer to the email. Nursing school is hard to get into nevertheless stay in. If you have the opportunity then by all means stay in the program. Just know that they can feed you all this information about how they want you to pass, but at the end of the day don't trust anyone but yourself!
  5. auchiepie

    nurse patient ratio in ny presbyterian hospital

    6 to 7 usually..at most 7 to 8..and you're too busy with your patients to call your Union..patient care is affected..it's a vicious cycle
  6. auchiepie

    NYP Meet and Greet January 2016

    I am currently working at NYP. I had many friends in college who attended the meet and greet, but didn't get a job at NYP after graduation. Many of the people who were hired in a variety of campuses, I have friends who got jobs in LM, Cornell, and Colombia, didn't even attend the meet and greet. It's all about who you know and what connects you have to get you into the hospital. Sorry to be the pessimist in this thread, but just explore your options and make sure you apply everywhere!
  7. auchiepie

    Working at NYP (New York-Presbitaryan)

    what campus are you applying to?
  8. Congrats on the new grad seminar! Keep your options open though, I know a lot of people that were invited to those seminars, but more than 90% of those people weren't offered a job. This had nothing to do with their qualifications. People who get hired at NYP, all campuses, only get hired if they know someone that works there who can push their resume to HR or to the unit managers. Good luck though!
  9. auchiepie

    NYP New Grad Nurse Residency

    Congrats! Which campus will you be working in?
  10. auchiepie

    NYP Pharm Exam

    Hey guys! Yea sure Ill send you what I made, its very short and brief but I passed the exam and just studied my review sheet.
  11. auchiepie

    Trivial detail! Littmann Stethoscope Colors

    Littman Stethoscope Lightweight II SE all the way! I think mine is some sort of lilac light purple color. love it!
  12. auchiepie

    NCLEX RN four times PASSED

    I love this! So inspiring. This is my story and I know a lot of other's story too. Perseverance is all it takes. Congrats and I hope you enjoy your week. Do something fun!! Welcome to the nursing life. =)
  13. auchiepie

    Pace university clinical sites

    Westchester Medical, White Plains Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Veteran Affair Hospital, just off the top of my head!
  14. auchiepie

    NYP Lower Manhattan Hospital

    Hey I'm starting soon as a new grad at NYP Lower Manhattan Hospital. I was wondering if anyone has any information about orientation or even about the hospital itself. I know that it's gone through many different hospital name changes, Downtown Beekman Hospital, Lower Manhattan hospital, and the last year or so was bought by NYP. If anyone has any input on the hospital or how it is for new grads please post or message me! No negativity please, just honesty! Thanks everyone! =) PS. Someone has to have some input. Please don't be shy and post!
  15. auchiepie

    Today is MY big day!!

    I never got anything after Oct 31st :/ Try messaging me again!
  16. auchiepie

    Today is MY big day!!

    Its okay to cry! Its norm to be nervous or scared! If you pass yayyyy..if you fail its okay. Itll be hard to keep your head up but you HAVE TO! You passed nursing school and you can pass this!