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  1. Leaving NYP

    I was offered a position outside of NYP, at another big name healthcare setting in NYC. I feel unhappy and unsupported by directors and management. Any other nurse feel the same? I'm going to leave regardless I just want to hear some personal opinion...
  2. Nursing theorists

    I'm writing a paper for my MSN, anyone know any theories or theorists that have used Orem's Self Care model as a foundation for their theories?
  3. NYP New grad position

    What campus did you apply to
  4. Dominican College, NY ABSN 2013-2014

    No matter where you go you'll get some professors who are supportive some who aren't. Of all the nursing colleges I've heard of, I have many friends who are now nurses who graduated in NJ and NY schools, Dominican has the worst reputation. I've heard...
  5. nurse patient ratio in ny presbyterian hospital

    6 to 7 most 7 to 8..and you're too busy with your patients to call your Union..patient care is's a vicious cycle
  6. NYP Meet and Greet January 2016

    I am currently working at NYP. I had many friends in college who attended the meet and greet, but didn't get a job at NYP after graduation. Many of the people who were hired in a variety of campuses, I have friends who got jobs in LM, Cornell, and Co...
  7. Working at NYP (New York-Presbitaryan)

    what campus are you applying to?
  8. Congrats on the new grad seminar! Keep your options open though, I know a lot of people that were invited to those seminars, but more than 90% of those people weren't offered a job. This had nothing to do with their qualifications. People who get hir...
  9. NYP New Grad Nurse Residency

    Congrats! Which campus will you be working in?
  10. NYP Pharm Exam

    Hey guys! Yea sure Ill send you what I made, its very short and brief but I passed the exam and just studied my review sheet.
  11. Trivial detail! Littmann Stethoscope Colors

    Littman Stethoscope Lightweight II SE all the way! I think mine is some sort of lilac light purple color. love it!
  12. NCLEX RN four times PASSED

    I love this! So inspiring. This is my story and I know a lot of other's story too. Perseverance is all it takes. Congrats and I hope you enjoy your week. Do something fun!! Welcome to the nursing life. =)
  13. Pace university clinical sites

    Westchester Medical, White Plains Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Veteran Affair Hospital, just off the top of my head!
  14. NYP Lower Manhattan Hospital

    Hey I'm starting soon as a new grad at NYP Lower Manhattan Hospital. I was wondering if anyone has any information about orientation or even about the hospital itself. I know that it's gone through many different hospital name changes, Downtown Beekm...
  15. Today is MY big day!!

    I never got anything after Oct 31st :/ Try messaging me again!