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  1. runner502


    Yes I do resent the fact that it's mandated. It is definitely going to put a toll on my body because I do have a chronic condition that is a daily struggle to begin with. I am able to do my job, but know my limitations. Frustrating that I have to choose between taking care of my body/health vs. abiding by the "rules" of my workplace.
  2. runner502


    Well, we were told if we call out, then we will just have to make up the time. I would love to do agency instead, but I have to have benefits/health insurance. You are right though...they can't keep staff which is why they are unable to staff the floor. They usually offer bonus incentive, but I am sure a lot less people offered to work extra because of how bad the working conditions have been. I am taking it from day to day and trying to not make any impulsive decisions. It's just an awful feeling to feel like they "own you". I know that this is not totally true because you always have the option to leave, but I don't want to be job hopping especially during this pandemic. I agree. Using up FMLA is not a place I want to be in. I don't think I would want to risk it using it up for the current situation. I can't survive without a paycheck, so I don't think I would want to go this route.
  3. runner502


    I have heard of FMLA, but don't know much about it. I think I will try to hold off and see if this will actually be a short lived mandatory requirement. But, if it goes on for an extended period of time with no end in sight, I will definitely have to do something! Thanks for the recommendation!
  4. runner502


    They are paying a bonus amount for the extra shift, but sometimes the extra money doesn't seem to be worth the stress it puts on the body and well-being.
  5. runner502


    Yes. There has been a bigger problem before this all started but with COVID it's really shining a light on the serious problems within the hospital and especially regarding the treatment of nurses. I am happy to have a job, but hoping that things will eventually get better or I will find a better opportunity.
  6. runner502


    Sorry you are suffering through this too!
  7. runner502


    I just found out that my hospital in Florida is requiring mandatory to for nurses and pct. My director said all hospitals are doing this across the country. Are others dealing with this and is there anyway to protest this in the state of Florida or are we basically at the mercy of "management". I have a chronic condition which is challenging enough working 3, 13-14 hour days each week. We are constantly understaffed, without functioning equipment and we are forced to take whatever ER patient they decide to admit. I love caring for patients, but if things continue the way they are, they are going to lose a lot of nurses.
  8. runner502

    Need experience/training with IVs

    That is pretty much what I've been hearing, and I am applying for inpatient RN positions. So hopefully that will happen soon. I was just hoping in the meantime, I could get more training so I would feel more comfortable even as a med-surg nurse. But, since I haven't had much luck finding any other training avenues I may just have to seek out opportunities once I'm able to start on an inpatient unit. I appreciate your advice!
  9. runner502

    Need experience/training with IVs

    Thanks for the suggestion, but right now I am not employed at a hospital. Hopefully I will be soon. The last hospital I was working at was not very supportive in allowing me time to train or get experience for even a few hours. I am hoping that the next place I will work will be much different. In the meantime, I was just exploring what other options might get me this training and experience. I know it's one of those things you get better at the more you do it, so I really need to start doing it!
  10. runner502

    Need experience/training with IVs

    I did not get any hands on experience inserting IVs or drawing blood in my nursing program. I really want to work in oncology in an outpatient setting, but not having this experience is making it very difficult to get hired. I have applied for regular inpatient RN positions, but was wondering if there were any other companies or organizations that have internships or will train inexperienced RNs on the job. Thanks.
  11. runner502

    Windmoor behavioral health

    I was just called to interview for An RN position for Windmoor in Clearwater, a behavioral health treatment center owned by Universal Health Services. I am not sure that I should go now because there are only a few reviews and they are really bad. The website shows the facility and pt. rooms and it looks very cold and not in the best condition. Does anyone have any info on this place or know of any good psych units or facilities willing to hire an RN with BA in psych. I don't have much RN experience since I got my FL license in January. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  12. runner502

    I finally did it!

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I am going through a similar situation. I graduated in May (ADN), got my RN in July and still no job offers. I have a BA in Psychology and have never even been called to interview for a psych unit. I have applied to all kinds of units, med, surg, oncology, pediatrics, psych, etc which resulted in 4 interviews and no job offers. I have very good work and clinical instructor evaluations, but my experience has been in an outpatient setting in a hospital where they won't hire new grads. My classmates who have jobs now were hired onto the units they had been working on as pcts or student nurses. It's getting harder and harder to keep my spirits and confidence up with so many rejections. Hearing your story gives me some hope. So, thank you and good luck!
  13. runner502

    current or gradutate of ccbc online/hybrid RN program

    I am going to have to differ with you. I just graduated from the online program and so far everyone in my program has passed on the first time. Most of them took it right after graduation and many already have jobs. I agree that the program had it's problems, but the students that made it through were adult learners, very bright and motivated. The lectures were lacking in the second years in some of the courses, but there is so much information available online to supplement. I know that they have revamped the program, so I'm sure some of those issues may have improved. Every program has it's deficiencies, but CCBC has one of the highest passing rates in MD. The exams were tough, but they prepared you for the types of questions on the NCLEX. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help if I can! Good luck!
  14. runner502

    What do you like about being a research nurse?

    I know this is an older topic, but I am a new grad ADN with a BA in Psychology interested in oncology and clinical research/clinical trials. I have applied to all kinds of hospital RN positions just to get some experience, but so far have not had much luck. I have worked for the past year as a PCT in a hospital based outpatient oncology center that includes, chemotherapy, radiation, and hematological treatments. I would love to stay there as an RN, but unfortunately they will not hire new grads. I would have to get at least 1 full year of inpatient RN experience. I have read some posts from new grads on this site saying that they were hired as new grad RNs in outpatient oncology as well as as clinical research/trials. I live in Anne Arundel County MD and have applied to jobs in Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Glen Burnie, etc... If anyone has any suggestions or advice I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  15. runner502

    NCLEX books and font size, Saunders, Davis

    Well, I'm not sure what book it was, but most of them were OK, but I just remember one book had much smaller print than the others. I do not like to use ebooks, so I guess I'll just have to take a chance and return it if it's too small.
  16. I will be graduating in May and need to buy an NCLEX review book. I checked out some of the books in Barnes and Noble and noticed that a few had very tiny print that would not make me want to study! I was thinking of purchasing the Saunders Comprehensive REview for the NCLEX 6th edition and was wondering if anyone has the book and could tell me if the font is an average size or smaller than most of your nursing textbooks. I was also considering Davis Nursing Success NCLEX book and was wondering if anyone had used this book and if it was helpful. Any other books that anyone would recommend other than Kaplan? I already looked at the book and a strategy book would not suit my learning style although it may be good for others. Thanks!

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