Job interview.. do I really have to put up with this?

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    I have waited 5 months.. jumping through hoop after hoop. Finally get the interview.
    I had to wait for their "credentialing" process to go through.
    Please be aware I have 30 years of experience and hold a position now.

    It is a state job, a good opportunity and a position I would excel at. This position remains open because nurses come and go quickly.

    I have no problem with group interviews. Two of the interviewers appreciated my responses.. the lead interviewer... not so much.

    She sat at the head of the table.. questioned me with the tone of a teacher talking to an elementary student.
    I was not nervous at the start of the interview.. got nervous in the middle and ticked off at the end.

    I am a professional.. DONT talk down to me .. even in an interview.

    I don't want it that bad... I feel we should be treated as professionals from the start.
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    I love the challenge of a serious interview, but I won't tolerate being talked down to. Despite education and economic status, I am a fellow human-being with the same needs as everyone else. I poop and fart just like those who are interviewing me.

    Sorry you had to deal with such a snarky individual.
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    If she's the lead interviewer, what would be her position relative to you at the job? Department head? Think about how you'd like to tolerate that personality on a regular basis at your work! This is not a rhetorical question because some people CAN tolerate difficult bosses. Can you?
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    unquestionably, i agree with you 100% we all deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism. in addition, a nurse like yourself with such vast experience at times, can be intimating to some individuals. having said that, in this situation they have to deal with their own insecurities. nobody can deny, that rejection is never easy to accept but there are ways to handle it, so that it doesn’t overwhelm you or derail you on getting the job you so desire in the future. with that said, try not to take rejection personally, i know it's easier said than done. at this level, it’s important psychologically and emotionally to distance yourself from whatever dampens your spirits, and hinders your efforts in trying once again whenever the opportunity arrives before you. furthermore, i learned over the years that you can't win them all, you will loose some in the process. one of the many lessons that i learned from all of the previous rejections was to lift my chin up and move on to the next opportunity. certainly, i have no doubt that you will find the position that you so desire, since you would be an asset to any facility. wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors...aloha~
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    been there done that,just be aware that many of us are wading through the same waters out here as you. Also, an arrogant "boss" is one thing.... a condescending "boss" won't be tolerated. I also have over 30 yrs experience and know BS when I see it. There just comes a time to cut to the chase and stop all the games, ya know? I think we deserve that.
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    that sounds like someone who lets a little power go to her little head. Do you really want to work with her?
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    "it’s important psychologically and emotionally to distance yourself from whatever dampens your spirits, and hinders your efforts in trying once again "

    thank you. you are very wise.
    just wish i could do it!
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    In my opinion, an interview is a two-way street.
    I'm checking them out just as much as they are checking out me.
    If I am treated poorly at an interview, then I know I sure as heck don't want the job.
    I suppose these folks have some degree of arrogance that we are all out here grovelling for a job... and heck yeah, I need a job... but I'm not going to let anyone treat me like a turd on the bottom of their shoe.

    I have had a couple of really ridiculous interviews:

    One made me come back over and over and over again until she was satisfied with my appearance (no joke). Even made the doc check me out!! Long weird story, that one.

    One was full of weird psychological profiling and mystical hoo-doo crap. The doc's mom sat in the waiting room chatting all us interviewees up and trying to sell us back realignments. I was also drilled about my personal life. I made crap up... lol.

    One forgot to tell anyone I was coming to interview. She called into work, no one knew I was coming and I waited an hour for someone else to come out to interview me. She was rude, bothered I was there, and I had to extended my hand to shake as she was not even inclined to this very basic of courtesies. She stood behind a chair and basically just assumed I was taking the job... ahhhhh... no.

    So here are these bizarre interviews and these folks think they can lord over me, like I'm just dying to work for them.
    That was their attitude. They all were rude and behaving like they could say or do whatever they wanted because they believed they were dangling the golden carrot before my eyes.
    How clueless can you be??

    Sorry you had to put up with that crap.
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    The employers are in the driver's seat in the market today and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What a self righteous insecure, PITA......someone I would find intolerable to work for....
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    When I was relatively new, I applied for a job at a hospital. I had the date I passed NCLEX on my resume.The guy who did the preliminary interview kept insisting that I must have gone to nursing school out of the country, because the NCLEX wasnt an "American" test. He then wondered why, since I didn't have an accent, that I felt it necessary to attend nursing school out of the country. So weird. I kept expecting that Ashton Kutcher guy to jump out and scream that I've been punked! Nothing I said would convince the dope. I didn't get the job despite being qualified for it and I think he was why. But, if more people at that facility were like him, I wouldn't have wanted to work there.I believe things work out a certain way for a reason..

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