how much is it frowned upon to wear scrubs on your interview?

  1. I know it should be business-casual attire........but does it make a huge difference to wear scrubs? I would explain that I had to leave work right for the interview. How many of you have worn scrubs or should I just definitely not?

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  3. by   Buggus
    You should always dress to impress in an interview. I've had to do this before and in one situation, I was lucky enough to have a boss that knew I was interviewing and she told me to clock out like 15 min early so I could change into a suit and touch up my hair and makeup and go. In the other situation, I worked my shift, then headed straight to the bathroom and pulled a Superman and was in my suit in 2 minutes. That's really all it takes. Good luck!
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    If you're not leaving yourself enough time to change, what other mishaps might delay you and cause you to miss the interview?
  5. by   direw0lf
    Thank you to both - both excellent points. I'll do a superman.
  6. by   caffeinatednurse
    Just wanted to chime in and say that I wore scrubs to an interview recently. The nurse manager didn't seem to notice (or care). When a nurse commented on my scrubs during a peer interview, I told her that I had an impromptu meeting at work immediately after the interview (which was true). She shrugged and said that a few of her current coworkers wore scrubs to their interview, and seemed fine with it. Oh, and I got the it can be done, although I do think it depends on the unit, the manager, and even the hospital.

    If you're going to do it, wear your hair in a neat pony tail or bun. Wear makeup, if that's your thing - if not, then just appear clean and neat. Your shoes should be clean, too.
  7. by   SullyRN
    I wore scrubs to an interview right out of nursing school before I passed the NCLEX. My boss at the time would not allow me to leave early to change, I was lucky to get there in time. So I explained and they were completely fine. I was offered the job before walking out of the room.
  8. by   RNNPICU
    Think about the message you may be portraying.. Scheduling an interview before work is a little risky. You could be sending the message that "I don't have much time for you so I will fit you in when I can" type message, especially if you say you have to go to work after the interview.

    Business/ Business-casual type dress unless otherwise indicated is always a better option. It does send a message that you took time for them. It is always better to project a clean professional image.