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labordude has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in L&D, OBED, NICU, Lactation.

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  1. labordude

    Case Study: An OB Catastrophe

    This is where I was going. The presentation screams this to me. AFE, especially the rapid cardiorespiratory collapse, neurologic symptoms, moving into DIC and left ventricular dysfunction. The low platelets and low fibrinogen are hallmark and I bet t...
  2. labordude

    Case Study: An OB Catastrophe

    I think I'm with you. If I'm right, we were just talking about this at work the other day and WAY too few people have ever heard of the acronym that helps both identify the condition and the initial treatment for it.
  3. labordude

    Case Study: An OB Catastrophe

    Woohoo! Let's go...I'm waiting for the promised later excitement too. Initial presentation is pretty much..hey I see this every day ?
  4. labordude

    CLC with no personal experience

    They are incorrect and this will help you, especially if it's something of interest to you. I have the pocket guide, but I don't have or use any other books. For reference on medications I use Hale's Medications and Mother's Milk as well as LactMed. ...
  5. labordude

    Perinatal Monitoring System

    They all have their ups and downs. The issues with the NOVII are independent of the system it is connected to. Placement, falling off, reactions, etc are more than likely user error or doing the prep incorrectly. There is a correct way to place it ac...
  6. labordude

    CNM's in Houston

    You have heard incorrectly about Houston. While Ben Taub & LBJ have midwives, they are part of the staff. The midwives at Texas Children's are part of the Women's Specialty group which is OB/GYNs, CNMs, and NPs. Methodist Willowbrook also has mid...
  7. labordude

    Inconsistencies in SVEs

    This will definitely fade over time, meaning how much it bugs you. Also "5 but I can stretch her to 6" is still a 5.
  8. labordude

    arom by residents

    Artificial Rupture Of Membranes. In general terms, breaking the bag of water using a special tool.
  9. labordude

    Student pregnancy

    Guttmacher has this up to date reference on minor's access to different kinds of care. The third column is prenatal care. 33 states allow minors to access prenatal care without parental involvement or notification.
  10. There is a distinct difference between the skills necessary to place an IV or an NG tube and the assessment/knowledge/etc needed to titrate drips. It is this difference that forms the major gap between CNAs and RNs. Give me a new grad with a strong p...
  11. labordude

    EFM Interpretation Help

    Yeah, I have that and my RNC-OB and AWHONN and CLC and whatever. Seriously, at some point it becomes RN, (insert alphabet soup) ?
  12. labordude

    EFM Interpretation Help

    I agree with Klone, though if the answer options don't have that it would just be prolonged because of the greater than 2 min but less than 10 minute long deceleration and return to baseline.
  13. labordude

    Considering applying for L&D (NICU nurse)

    I made this switch 5 years ago after almost 10 years in Level III-IV NICU. I only wish I was able to switch sooner, but I knew exactly what I wanted and it wasn't a maybe situation for me. Since I didn't need as much (or really any) extra training on...
  14. Well let's start Education: The nursing education system needs a revamp. We need a single defined educational entry that allows one to sit for licensure. More focus needs to be placed on pathophysiology and other science-based curriculum topics and n...
  15. Those things don't fix the profession, they fix the job. I'll admit my wording could have been better.