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To be perfectly blunt, interviews can be rather nerve-wracking because a lot is at stake. After all, you really want to be considered for this available position, and you only have one chance to make a good first impression on... Read More

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    Yes thanks, Commuter, once again for this thread.
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    Thank you for the article! I have an interview tomorrow and this is so helpful.
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    I have an interview next week...a little nervous. This is a great article that will help me tremendously because I haven't worked in two years.
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    I have an interview next week and being a fairly new nurse I feel that I lack in the leadership area. However I don't know if I should state that as my weakness. I am working on it and I do feel more confident than I use to but I don't want it to seem like I can't do my job.
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    Thanks for this! I hate interviews
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    I had my interview today and I did horrible. I had less than a day's notice and I had to work right after the interview. It was with the managers from tele, oncology, med/surg and surgical. No pressure or anything!

    I thought I would get questions like the kind the OP posted but mine were so weird (I felt) that I just blanked. I recommend writing down clinical experiences or prior work experiences where you were involved in difficult situations, how you handled them and what the result was. Bring that paper with you so you have something to reference if you start to blank like I did.

    It didn't help that when I blanked, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a butter knife. And while the horrendously awkward silence was happening and I was sitting there looking like a doofus, they were all jotting down notes which only served to magnify my nervousness. Here are some of the questions:

    - Tell me about a time where you know what the right thing to do was but you decided to confer with your colleagues first. (My first question and I completely froze, I feel like this is a horribly vague question)
    - Tell me about a time where you broke the rules. (total trick question)
    - Tell me about a time where your actions or communication were misperceived? How did you rectify the situation?
    - Tell me about a situation where you were really proud of something you accomplished. And oppositely, something you wish you hadn't done or wished you handled differently.

    I walked out of there, changed into my scrubs (I'm a CNA currently) and just broke down at the nurse's station. I have a meeting with the recruiters for our new grad program so now I know what I need to do in order to prepare. I was telling my classmates that I was all prepared to answer questions about valuing customer service, knowing the importance of Press Ganey and HCAHPS survey results, our hospital's mission statement, why I would be a good fit... ya know, things like that... but nooo, I had to get the wonky questions.

    I feel so embarrassed and mortified that I feel like I can't even look any of these managers in the eye when I go back to work on Monday. I am my own worst enemy and the only reason I can't stop getting upset and crying is because I am so ridiculously angry and disappointed in myself. I thought of everything I should've said AFTER I walked out of the room. I would be incredibly surprised if I got an offer. I feel like I ruined my chances of ever getting a job at my own hospital, like I've been blacklisted. I feel like I am this great person that has so much to offer, everywhere I float, the staff all wants me to work there, I KNOW I would be a good fit, I love those nurses like my own family... But then, I feel like I only gave those managers but a sliver of myself and what I have to offer them.

    I feel like that interview broke my spirit Like everything I did in nursing school was for nothing...
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    Late reply, but please do not beat yourself up over it! Easier said than done, I know... I have an interview this week actually, hence why I am on here, and I am afraid that the same thing will happen to me. I am sure many people have been in your situation, so these managers would not single you out.

    When I think of my past interviews in college, I was mortified at how unprepared I was. I barely looked up questions, didn't research anything about the workplace, didn't look sharp... I took the bus to one in 90 degree weather (in Minnesota, what the devil!) and showed up sweating and stinking. When I discovered, it was like I struck gold!
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    This post has been extremely helpful! I have my first interview on Monday. I'm moving from Illinois to Kansas tomorrow and have been entirely focused on that so now I know I need to start preparing. I think one of my biggest faults is not knowing what to say:/ I'm horrible at wording things and knowing exactly what I should say. Hopefully knowing the type if questions that will potentially be asked and practicing responding will help! Thanks again for this post
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    Thanks for posting this! I have an interview tomorrow and this article lessened the butterflies in my stomach. I have experienced an interview before, as a trainee for a hospital, and I almost broke down because of my unpreparedness. Aside from "tell me something about yourself" questions, the interviewer asked me about cases I handled as a student (which I totally forgot at that time!), subjective questions about a certain topic (obstetrics- and my world shattered), and asked me to describe any basic procedure. Now, I hope my interview tomorrow would be better than what I've experienced before. Thanks again!
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    This was really helpful. Thank you. I nailed my SNF interview today! With only 12 hours of preparations, I came across this post last night and read all the other advices. It really helped me a lot to prepare myself.
    Here are the questions they asked me:
    - Tell me about yourself
    -Describe your previous job
    -What have you learned from your previous work experience that you can use in the position that you're applying for?
    - Since you're job experience is far from the position your applying for (I'm an homehealth nurse, never worked at a SNF) tell me how can you keep up with that?
    - Greatest accomplishment?
    - Why nursing?
    - why should I hire you? ( this is the time when I just start talking of all the positive things about me)
    - what do you know about us?

    Interview lasted for 30 mins. For the first 10 mins I felt like I just want to walk out when she kept on repeating that i dont have enough experience that could support my desired position and on top of thinking that I wasn't really prepared. But I got her when she asked me, "why nursing?" I told her that its my passion. Waking up everyday with a mindset that you're here in this world to make someone happy, touch their hearts, to let them know that you care, and at the end of the day I feel accomplished and felt so rewarded. It's not about the money, it's how you make someone feel comforted and loved even in their darkest and fearful hours." Next thing I know, she started talking about my rate, and said You're hired!

    Don't sell yourself short! Go out there and tell them how good you are, be honest and be confident! Good luck to you all!
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