You know you're a nurse if...

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    You know you're a nurse if...

    You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up.

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    You're at the grocery checkout and you are summing up their veins......
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    Or your're in an elevator assessing respiratory sounds of the rider next to you...
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    You wash your hands before ​going to the bathroom, as well as after.
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    when your husband has been honking, hacking, and generally sounds like a warthog and you matter-of-factly ask whether what
    he's blowing out is green or yellow and if it's thick or thinnish...
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    You're giving meds to your child and you ask her for her name and date if birth...and try to scan her armband with your phone.You wake up unto the middle of the night hearing call lights, bed alarms, and IV pumps beeping.
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    When you visit a loved one in the hospital after surgery, and the very first thing you do before you even say hello is to immediately check their IV site and fluids, assess their incision, and make sure their SCD's are on!
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    When you start to worry if your patient hasn't urinated in a few hours, but you've gone almost the entire shift without making it to the restroom and you are excited that you have broken your own record!
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    When you assess your own urine during your one trip to the rest room during your shift and realize that you really need to be drinking more fluids (and perhaps a bit less caffeine).

    You wolf down your food, even when sitting at a nice restaurant, then sit there making chit chat for the next 40+ minutes it takes the rest of your family to eat.

    Your own kids go to daddy when they hurt themselves because they know you won't get worked up over anything short of missing digits or copious bleeding. (Even though you still kiss their boo-boos to make them all better.)
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    You come home from work and tell your husband "I'll take report on the kids whenever your ready."

    Your babysitter has to call you at work to decipherer the Tylenol directions you left for her because you wrote "5 mL PO q 4 hrs PRN"

    When ever your child hits his/her head, you initiate neuro checks.

    Whenever you hear someone cough, you feel the need to assess their lung sounds.
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