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You know you're a nurse if... You've been telling stories in a restaurant and had someone at another table throw up. (share and add your own below)... Read More

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    on days off when someone asks you what time it is and instead of looking at your wrist you look at your chest/hip for your fob watch...
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    When you pack two main course for your lunch. One that has to be eaten while sitting and the other one that you can inhale in a few seconds without risking death by burnt mouth.

    When your husband is whining about his bad day and you reply- Could your bad day result in somones death? If not suck it up.

    It is totally normal to look at the phone, decide if you are going to go in early/extra or not before answering, if you answer at all.

    No blood, no bones, no Altered level of consciousness, No trip to ER/Doctor needed

    and the best one

    Can have 300 lb psychotic patients listen to what you say and follow directions, yet your six yr old just ignores you.
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    when your husband brings the dogs in after a walk and when he says they both pooped, you ask
    about color and whether it was formed or more like tasty freeze.
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    you know you're a nurse if you wake-up rushing to get to work, to find out that is your off day
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    Quote from Scrubmouse RN
    When you're cleaning up a major code brown and wonder what's for lunch while your stomach's growling
    Shucks - did that on week 1 of my CNA clinicals. Probably the one thing I did that the CI from Hades actually approved of!

    Interestingly, really haven't had all that many code browns since I hit the floor "for real" (e.g. I get paid for it).

    ----- Dave
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    When you can change your dust ruffle on a full size bed using the same technique as doing a bed change on a total care patient.

    You have night mares of taking care of 8-9 patients after a night of chaos and getting 4 admissions.

    You know for a fact that if anyone wanted to torture you for information, that all they need to do is stick you in a room with a beeping IV pump that you couldn't turn off.

    You can watch shows like Bones, CSI, NCIS, Body of Proof, etc. while eating a meal that just might include spaghetti sauce and feel perfectly normal.
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    Quote from hhurley
    You're 4 year old knows all the bones in the body (while I was in A & P) and when he started kindergarten he was telling his class about skin assessments and care planning and medication administration, to the point that I got a phone call from his teacher about words she didn't understand
    "The Force is strong with this one..."
    And, passes the NCLEX-RN on the first try - at age 8!

    ----- Dave
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    Thought of another one...

    If you've ever said, "This patient's history reads like a textbook."
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    *to questout on pg 3*
    You may have to be older to get the reference, but not the action! Can't tell you HOW many times I pat pockets going "now WHICH one did I put that..."
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    Quote from nicenurselpn
    I call my report sheet my "brain". I have been known to be seen running all over the building lookin for my "brain" which is where I put my patients vital signs on!!
    AMEN! My whole floor does this!

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