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  1. jpowell6024

    What Nursing school are you in? Show your pride!

    Calhoun Community College in Tanner Al!!! I'll graduate this December!!! WOOHOO!!!
  2. jpowell6024

    Do some nurses actually consider getting plastice surgery? I DO

    My tummy!! I have soooo much skin there that it just hangs. I had a baby, then lost a bunch of weight. It's not "if" I'm gonna do it, it's "when!" :)
  3. jpowell6024

    ER meds

    Awesome app! Thanks for sharing!!
  4. jpowell6024

    Where to precept?!

    You know, after getting the response that i did, i was so upset at this web site, and almost deleted this app off my phone. Glad i didn't because then i wouldn't have heard from understanding, caring, and helpful people like you. Thank y'all so much!!
  5. jpowell6024

    You Know You're A Nurse If...

    If you are changing a dressing on a stage 3 decubitis ulcer and think "that is exactly how i like my steaks!" You know you are a nursing student when it is the night before the test and you clean your classmates vomit, then go right back to studying and eating your munchies :)
  6. jpowell6024

    Where to precept?!

    Mitral and pedsluv, thank you so much. Your input is very helpful :)
  7. jpowell6024

    Where to precept?!

    When teachers said i was doing my med-surg clinicals on the oncology floor, then the next semester i was told i will do my med-surg clinicals on the resp care unit, then the next semester i was told that i will do my med-surg rotation on the MICU.. With all that being called "med-surg" i didn't know there was a floor called med-surg. The only med-surg that i was thinking of is the med-surg urgent care places. I am making all high B's and doing very well. When i said "too much going in, can't keep it all straight" i was trying to make light of y'all doubting me. Either way, i don't have to prove myself, i did say that it was a stupid question. Enjoy doubting me while i enjoy saving lives!! :)
  8. jpowell6024

    Where to precept?!

    Haha, sometimes i feel like the only thing that i have gotten out of the past semesters is how to spell "diarrhea" correctly!! Too much going in, can't keep it all straight! :)
  9. jpowell6024


    Thank you so much!!
  10. jpowell6024

    personal question...

    When you were a new grad, if you don't mind me asking, what did you get paid to be an ED nurse? I'm really thinking about going into this area. I know pay can be different in each state, but just to get an average baseline... Thanks!!
  11. jpowell6024

    Shoes. Yes. Shoes.

    What i have and love is wal marts danskin workout shoes. They are comfy and a good price
  12. jpowell6024

    Where to precept?!

    No, I'm in my 4th semester. The thing that always confused me was when teachers said "this is where you will be doing your med-surg rotation" then I was on an oncology floor, or resp, or joint camp. I didn't know there is an actual floor called med-surg. That does sound like I will benefit from it, and learn a lot. Thank you so much
  13. jpowell6024

    Where to precept?!

    Thanks. I know it's not the rest of my life, just want to get my foot in the door of where I want to be. But you are right. Any experience is great to have and learn from.
  14. jpowell6024

    Where to precept?!

    Thank y'all for the great advice. Ok, this is going to be a dumb question I know, but when you say to try med-surg, is that the urgent care places?
  15. jpowell6024

    Vent: "I should warn you, I'm a tough stick..."

    HAHAHA so true!! :)
  16. jpowell6024


    Thinking about doing my precept in the ER, any advice, hints, or recommendations?