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  1. How can I educate fellow nurses?

    I need suggestions please! Our hospital has encouraged skin to skin after birth for many years, and after vaginal births this is happening. After C/S births, IT'S NOT. Our manager is all for us doing skin to skin in the OR, breastfeeding and keeping ...
  2. Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Here's a whole list of names, with pictures. :) 19 Nonsensical Names That Nobody Should Have To Live With | RealClear
  3. Do you have an OB in the hospital 24/7?

    No, we don't have a 24/7 OB. Luckily all our OB's live 5-10 minutes away, and they can park right next to LDRP. The clinics are across the street - 2 minutes away. Our peds live farther away, 10-20 minutes. All of us are expected to be skilled with N...
  4. I want a doctor like this for my kids

    I want a doctor like this for my kids. LOL World's Greatest Pediatrician Makes Baby Laugh While Getting a Shot
  5. Portland-Nice place to visit but dont stay?

    Lots of green in the Portland area and lots of rain to keep it green. Snow and skiing on Mt. Hood. Nice clean water from Mt. Hood melt-off. About two hours from the beach. Lots of culture, arts and diversity. Lots of environmentalists, and health co...
  6. I know they are different. I'm just saying you can cure strep. Why can't you cure MRSA? If the antibiotics kill the MRSA enough for the wound to heal, why is the person still colonized and infectious?
  7. If someone has a MRSA infection and is on Vanco and Zosyn, and the wound heals, do they still have MRSA? If someone has strep, and they are treated with antibiotics, after 24 hours, they are not infectious anymore. Is MRSA different?
  8. If someone has a MRSA infection and is treated with IV Vanco, when he gets out of the hospital, is he still able to spread MRSA to others? If a person has strep, after 24 hours of antibiotics they are considered not contagious anymore. But with MRSA,...
  9. L&D nurses - different viewpoints on birth

    I can't count the number of women that come in planning on a totally natural birth who decide, at 6 cm, to go with the epidural and are very happy they did. I always tell them I'll support whichever direction they go. I don't know the exact statisti...
  10. Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I knew a man with a first name of "Fuk." It was pronounced "Fuke". Too bad it wasn't spelled the way it was pronounced. He was an immigrant from one of those small, south Asian countries. I'm sure it was a fine name in his country, just an unfortuna...
  11. Best MD note

    This was a night shift nurse's note in a LTC facility. "No pulse, no BP. Will keep comfortable." She left the next morning, saying nothing about it to the day shift. Day shift CNA, of course, found pt. dead. The nurse was let go. I always wondered wh...
  12. What if the Boston bomber was your pt

    Considering his actions the last few days, I wouldn't take care of him without a policeman present and any other safeguards I might need to keep myself safe. That being said, he'd get the same care from me as anyone else.
  13. We had a nurse give a pt. two regular Tylenol instead of Norco. Too bad for her that the pt. was a hospital pharmacy tech and recognized the pills and turned her in. Don't know how many patients she had shortchanged in the past. We had a young male p...
  14. Fun poll: Did you get oriented, or did you get orientated?

    Our patients are "alert and oriented." When I started working at the hospital, I was "orientated." I never liked the word "orientated," and now I learn I'm right, it's not American English.
  15. Confessions Of A Nurse Who Compulsively Eats

    If you're hungry for more food than your body needs, it's not food that you're hungry for. That sentence helps me when I am full but stull want to eat, eat, eat. I try to drink a bunch of water, rest, comfort myself until the craving passes.