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I know many of you have heard or read some like these...but here are some I haven't seen before. Some made me :rotfl: Hope you enjoy them...:rotfl: The front of you scrubs read: ' to save your a**, not kiss... Read More

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    You know you are a nurse when you pi$$ of at people who don't know how to prioritize. At least I am.
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    Quote from nrw350
    Here are some of the (humorous) ways to tell if someone is a nurse:

    They store their stethoscope over the rear-view mirror in their car

    They have medical supplies in their homes/car that can normally be gotten only thru hospital

    They wear scrubs to bed and around the house as though it was formal wear.

    They look at you intensely (esp at the arms) for veins.

    I hope you all find these humorous. Please feel free to add to this list as you all see fit. Should turn out to be a good laugh I would think.

    My stethoscope is on my rear view mirror I also always study people's hands/arms.... without them noticing...I think.
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    The other day, one of my fellow nurses opened up her lunch bag and said "oh no, my sandwich prolapsed." She held up her sandwich baggy and showed her sandwich that had all the meat and toppings falling through the bread. We giggled about it for several minutes.

    On the topic of things that are hilarious at work but non-medical people probably wouldn't even get or find funny...

    They gave us a former office that is inside our nursing station as a place to store drinks and belongings out of patient view. One of my fellow labor and delivery nurses came up with the name "The Internal os" and it stuck. lol
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    I do get the "good guy Greg" meme. But he's not a very good murse with a joint hanging out of his mouth. lol
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    When you can make an accurate nursing diagnosis when still half asleep. Its as if my brain splits into 1/2 the part that holds all my nursing knowledge kicks in and does a quick assessment of ABCD and gives proper advice while the other part of the brain is still waking up. This is new grad marveling at the results of my nursing education
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