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    Nurses are self governed

    I was taught in school that the practice of nursing is "self governed". I believed it and had major respect for it. But the current masses have taken it for granted all that hard work that our predecessors did for us to get where we are today. I am guilty of this. It becomes most apparent to me when I am given 47 patients receiving dialysis all at the same time and the only nurse there, because a corporation decided that I need to just make it happen and make it through state inspection for them. Nurse to patient ratios... Isn't that something that is supposed to be our call?? If you've been a nurse for 20 yrs, you know the difference between a challenging situation, and just a true unsafe, dumb thing to try. I am not here just to make money for a fortune-500 and pray I don't lose my license while I break my back and pray nobody gets hurt. And it's everywhere now. I don't know how to change it. What do we do????