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    It's Official: Workplace Burnout Gets an ICD-11 Code

    Hospitals have a way of destroying your soul if your not careful. Lots of death and suffering going around with just the patients. Nevermind the other stuff that messes up an employee's head. Been a healthcare worker since 1993.
  2. Section8UpX68WM6

    Now that they approved my reinstatement don't know if I want it

    How do you go about applying for SSDI for bipolarism and psychosis? A doctor needs to sign off on that? I was hospitalized and diagnosed with that a few years ago and I've had symptoms since my late 20s (family hx as well). I cannot hold down a job in healthcare (since 1993) without getting into trouble of some sort or being terminated because of my illness that I'm finally accepting I have. I was just fired from a major HMO in the Bay Area for well...being "bipolar" last year and guess what department? Yup...a psychiatry department where I was a patient lol and the nurse practitioner who oversaw my care was my coworker too. Love the irony. I'm trying to get my job back, but according to the union, its been months and I should have appealed their decision. Well, I'm bipolar, people like us don't make good sound decisions at times and our memory is foggy. They dx me with that mental illness(disability) back in 2014 and fired me anyway even though I was explaining to them(HR/managers) I was symptomatic of bipolarism that whole week prior to the incident that got me fired. And you're gonna love this. I was fired twice for the same thing by this HMO. The first time(early 2000s), my bipolarism really kicked in and I didn't know and they didn't see I needed psychiatric help. I got rehired 5 years later and was fired again 10 years later. Yeah.