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When assessment skills go wrong

  1. 31 Right.

    So today I was waddling out of work after being called out all night and a good chunk of yesterday and my coworkers, bless them, caught me by the elbow and reeled me back into the office to ask about this system issue and that piece of equipment.

    But bit by the bit, the questions began to morph into various repetitive forms of the sentiment, "Are you okay? You don't look well." Including the highlight of one such yipped exclamation of and I quote, "Damn girl! You look like you just lost a fist fight with Ebola!".

    And in spite of my reassurances, I soon found myself on the receiving end of a stethoscope bell and the palpating fingers of a concerned surgeon gingerly checking my lymph nodes in spite of my floundering.

    The finding:

    My makeup had worn off.

    Apparently my natural appearance = someone about to leak blood from their eyes before collapsing in a liquefying, spasming froth.

    Tip your waitresses. Good night!



    If anyone should need me, I will be in my bell tower. Or in the strangely watery depths beneath an opera house bellowing, "Sing my angel of music!".
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    Good one!
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    Awesome! Needed that!
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    Thanks, CP. It hasn't been a happy day.
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    After 12 long hours, this is why I rarely wear makeup.. I look like night of the living dead as it fades LMBO
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    I'm the one who looks likea clown WITH make up on. Like a raccon or something. I can never get it right.
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    HAHAHA! Yeah....I never wear make-up. My philosophy is just to keep expectations low!!
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    ...amen sister! I call it before and after plastic surgery..with a brush...
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    before I usually wear make up because it was mandated by the management hut since I transferred institution I never wear make up. A big thanks for the mask XD
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    That is hilarious. It kills me when after working five back to back 12 hour shifts someone who is aware how much I've worked asks me "you ok, you look tired". Ummmm NOOOOO. I AM TIRED, 60 hrs in 5 days HELLOOOOOOOO.
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    I never wear makeup because I also never get it right, and look like a lady of the night, even without
    heavy lipstick.
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    Thanks for the laugh, CP

    May I recommend Smashbox? The foundation and primer manages to keep me looking human for 12+ hours, which is quite the feat given the rosacea. And the foundation helps keep everything else--should I decide to wear anything else--in place too.
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    Great post made me smile!

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