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So many TV shows and movies take place, at least in part, in a medical setting. When you're a nurse, you automatically notice the severe errors in the scenery, which ruins the show. Or maybe it's just me. I was watching the... Read More

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    Quote from KatieP86
    Hah- I managed to find a clip of Holby City- it's hilarious! The rapid diagnoises, the doctors "Exams", etc, etc. And check out the nurse putting on the CPAP machine!
    I've yet to see a patient with a GCS of 10 who was that alert and oriented And does the cardiothoracic resident always walking around with a syringe of local in his pocket?
    I couldn't watch past the 3 minute mark!

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    Yeah, so I was watching Castle the other night... lady with a GSW to the chest is bleeding everywhere and dying in the ER... a few minutes later she is Sitting Up and Chatting and SMILINGI mean SPARE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I can't stand it when the patient comes into the ER in asystole and the first thing they do is slap on the paddles (more dramatic I guess than using the AED) and yell CLEAR!!!!!!!!!
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    TV exagerates everything in more viewers will not get bored, Americans have a very short attention span........Yes, its outrageous, but entertaining if you put the shows in their correct perspective, they are phoney!!!! however I cannot stress that one time as a student nurse I had meds to give at 7 30 in the Am , it was Ferrous instructor wasnt on the floor yet and I pondered and worried about giving was almost 8am and still no instructor on the floor...I worried about not giving the med on time.....I gave it......I got in so much trouble....she stated THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS EVER HAPPENED TO ME.........funny, I said the same thing to myself!!!. Never did that again.
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    That was a Nurse or a aide in that clip on you tube, I loved the exams too.....especially with the old gent....fully clothed
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    It drives me batty to so no one with any siderails up. I can't help but say "NO Siderails???" every time, and it irritates the heck out of my husband. It has gotten to the point that I cannot watch any medical shows at all. I used to watch House and Nurse Jackie but my husband got sick of me always saying "Um, no, a doctor would never do that!" Nurse Jackie is a good show but I gave it up completely when Thor (who is gay, of course ALL male nurses are gay) was bragging to the other nurses about a doctor buying him lunch. I was like, REALLY???!!!! I've been in the nursing field 15 years and I don't know anyone who would do that. It was so unrealistic and stupid
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    I can't exactly remember which show this was - it might have been House but don't quote me on that - but the doc went in to discuss some things with the patient. The patient clearly had a non-rebreather mask on...but the reservoir bag wasn't even a little bit inflated! I couldn't stop laughing because it looked so pointless. My parents thought I was crazy until I explained it to them.

    Also, if I ever spot an IV on TV or in a movie, I watch the drip chamber real carefully just to see if anything is actually running.

    I love it, too, that every patient seems to have a private room and of course everything looks new and shiny and clean (including the patient!)
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    I just watched an episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman where the fine Dr discussed her patient's health issues with her husband/children around the table, discussed her condition openly on a busy sidewalk, told the patient that she was going to die without an operation in the pt's place of work front of the pt's boyfriend (!) etc. Okay, maybe HIPPA was not "the thing" back in the 1800's But dang!
    However, Dr. Quinn did wear the earpieces in her stethoscope correctly- AND she read medical journals and case histories in order to provide evidence-based practice
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    I work in NICU, so the House episode where Chase decides he's going to be a Neonatologist for the week, had me seething. I want to know who they are consulting with.

    Foreman: "Your baby's (full term, one day old) blood pressure is 80/40. That's low, very low." WHAT?! Wide? Sure. Low, not by any means.

    The snugglies were backwards.

    House: "We can cross the TORCH viruses off the list. But CMV is still a possiblity." What do they think the C in TORCH stands for?!

    Nurse: "Oh, no! The baby is apnec!" -stands around straing stupidly- Well, smack him on the butt. If that doesn't work, bag him!
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    And let's not forget the movie Panic Room. One of the principle components of which is Jodie Foster's daughter is slipping into a hypoglycemic coma and she begs the bad guys to just let her have the ....insulin?? LOL! "She has to have her insulin or she will die!" uh, really? Have many consults on that film, did you?
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