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  1. That nagging feeling...

    I was working med/surg on nights. Had the same patient for 2 nights in a row - young male with crohn's, post resection. He was doing GREAT! Was off the PCA, up walking, one of 2 JP drains out. They were going to pull the other JP in the morning and w...
  2. O2 sat monitor question

    Pulse ox machines are notoriously unreliable. SO many things can interfere with the reading - nail polish, callused fingers, cool fingers, diaphoresis, gripping something tightly, the list goes on and on. As everyone else has said, watch your patien...
  3. Only African American Nurse on Staff

    OP, good luck! I hope you find a place where they'll treat you right, you seem like a wonderful person.
  4. ICU Acuity - Advise?

    Thank you, everyone! I had thought that I was about ready, but then I started reading those skills checksheets. Halo's, IABP's, open heart recovery, PA caths, trauma.. I read all of that on the list and freaked. This is the only ICU I've worked at...
  5. Only African American Nurse on Staff

    OP, I may not have the right to respond to this, as I am not African American (or any other minority). But coming from a Caucasian point of view: some of your coworkers might not be trying to be offensive. I personally TRY to be sensitive and underst...
  6. ICU Acuity - Advise?

    Ok, all, please forgive the long post, but I want to lay the situation out properly. I managed to get into a Neuro/Cardiac ICU. Yay, me! Loved the area, so I got a little house. Figured I'd get a few years experience, then I'd have my tax home and a...
  7. Pet health cert.

    Ok, thank you everyone! That's very good to know.
  8. Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Loved this!
  9. No failure to communicate

    Depending on the night, either vent alarms or call bells. I could SWEAR some days that there are alarms in my car.
  10. Healthcare Facilities running out of medications + supplies

    Drug wise, hydralizine (on a neuro/cardiac ICU - that was fun) and protonix. Linens during the night. And frequently - in a crummy little rural place I will never, EVER return to - formula for the babies management kept putting on our ADULT med-surg ...
  11. Anatomy of a Code

    Well written. In my facility, respiratory does the intubation, and nurses give the meds (no pharmacy for us - at least on nights. Don't know about days) but otherwise this is spot on.
  12. Pet health cert.

    Good day, all. I am considering starting to travel come spring and therefore doing some research. My question today is this: I have read that in order to move/vacation with pets, one is supposed to have a vet do an exam and issue a health certificati...
  13. Occular Oddity

    Thank you! None of us nurses were sure what to call it.
  14. Neuro ICU patient population?

    My facility mostly sees SDH's, SAH's, CVA's and the occasional tumor. Of course, we ARE in Florida, so the majority of our patients are "grandma/grandpa fell and hit their head". In the 2 years I've worked here I think I've seen 3 Myasthenia Gravis, ...
  15. Occular Oddity

    I just recently had a GI bleeding patient come in, but he was admitted to us because his ammonia level was sky-high and he was showing neuro symptoms. Totally unresponsive to stimulus, but a bit of an oddity in his assessment. At least to me. In 2 ye...