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    Why do I have my busiest nights on rapid with the worst house doc? Why? Who did I make angry?
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    I know this is supposed to be a nursing thought, but why the heck to pretzels give me heartburn?
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    Ick, what is that wet, gooey stuff I just touched on the bedside table, bedrail, etc?
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    Don't pass up an opportunity to burp a colostomy bag.
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    Quote from nrsang97
    I know this is supposed to be a nursing thought, but why the heck to pretzels give me heartburn?
    Ooh! Me too! AND Cheez-Its and that makes me sad.
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    Quote from txnurse48
    Don't pass up an opportunity to burp a colostomy bag.
    So true, it will save a messy clean up
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    Oh don't worry your pretty little heads (2 techs and 3 nurses). I'm sure you can't here the blood pump alarms, blood pressure alarms and the patient yelling climbing out of their chair almost pulling they're needles out.
    You just keep on holding that counter and chair down.
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    The reason he's making 'that noise' is because he now has a trach- GET USED TO IT because there's only one way to 'make it stop'.....
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    Nope, that's not blood from the patient before you. It's iodine.
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    " No, Code Brown does not have a corresponding ACLS algorithm"
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    "Oh no... Is that smell coming from me?? What did I get on my scrubs?!"
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    A naked corpse was found and the cops knew she was a nurse. Her stomach was empty, her bladder was full, and her ass was chewed.
    they sure know a nurse.haha
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    The number of admissions I get today will be inversely proportional to the number of bathroom breaks that I have time for.

    Sometimes I wish candy cigarettes were still around. I'd take "smoke breaks" with the others.

    Do the department of health surveyors sell their soul before they take the job, or does the job slowly eat it away, like acid?

    It's never too late to start over and get that art degree......or become a dog groomer........or a florist........
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