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Silly random nursing thoughts, one sentence, NO JUDGMENTAL FOLKS ALLOWED - page 13

Rule is: One sentence. Random thought. Silly is great. Funny would rock. If you're going to be judgmental, GO TO ANOTHER THREAD! FUN ONLY HERE! Fomite is my new favorite word because it... Read More

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    Just found one more flaw in southern dialect, we "borrow" everything! toilet paper, light bulbs, pens, . . .and "fixing to. . ."You would be surprised how many onions I have borrowed and never returned, thank god huh?
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    Yeah......"Can I borrow some of your potato chips? I'll give 'em back when I'm done with 'em." Hahahaha!!!
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    I was leaving a message for a Dr. about one of his patients and I started the name off with Z as in Xylophone. Needless to say, I was very glad that the answering service that was doing the transcribing called me back to clarify.

    Me: Oh Dear, did I really say that?
    Him: Yeah, you did.

    Let's just say it was Residents 1, Nurse 0, for this night.
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    Quote from Do-over
    Strangely, I've had that old Men At Work song stuck in my head lately...

    Everytime I see Vegemite (the do actually sell it at Meijers), I am really intrigued (have been since the 80s probably when that song came out). I am SO curious about how it tastes...

    I mean, I love peanut butter or nutella on my toast. Can something called Vegemite really compare?
    I found it here in Albuquerque under the name Marmite.
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    I am losing my mind.

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    Quote from heron
    I found it here in Albuquerque under the name Marmite.
    Marmite Shortage Hitting New Zealand Grocers
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    We need to send some nurses to New Zealand after they get off work. Can substitute fomite for marmite!!
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    I have decided to refrain from making any work-yeast / jarred yeast comparisons...
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    Translation of the alarms for the baby in the pod next to me: "I want my ETT back!!"
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    Translation of the alarms for the ex-NICU baby down the hall: "I want to go to Jesus! Why won't you let me???"
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    Ever encountered a doc's order such as... "uTox... STAT..."? I asked the MD... "Hey doc... you're aware that the pt is ANURIC, right?"...
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    I just wanted to put out there "Thanks AN for the Calvin Klein male underwear ad." After a night of looking at old man/woman saggy butts, it was a welcomed sight.
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    We had a float nurse that brought her lunch to work in a Abercrombie bag. It was neck to (very low) waistline. Brightened our night!

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