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non hospital approved abrevations.

  1. 0 so what are some of the abreviations used informally in your institution to describe patients.

    there are the old ones from Samuel Shems book "House of God"

    GOMER get out of my ER
    LOLNAD little old lady in no apparent distress

    Then the appropriated military ones.

    ***** f'd up beyond all recognition
    SNAFU Situation normal all f'd up

    Then there are the ones I have learned since nursing school

    TFBUNDY totally F'd but unfortunately not dead yet
    JPFROG just plan f'n ran out of gas
    AMF kind of like AMA, only Adios Mother F'r (very good for some er pt's.)

    care to add some more to the list?
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    Totally NOT approved:

    PIA - Pain in A**

    CD - Circling the Drain

    GORK - God Only Really Knows (I think)

    I loved the one I saw on this forum (from you maybe?)- "Darwin Consult"

    I can't think of any more right now. I have a little page in my webpage about these - some of the real ones and some of the "ad lib" ones.

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    Oh! I remember a good one now - for the people with intracranial bleeds from a fall:

    FDGB - fall down, go boom


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    PBx3 - Pine Box By Bed
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    FTD...fixin' to die!
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    My Favorites are:

    CTD= circling the drain
    SDY= Shoulda died yesterday
    BTF= bought the farm
    Saw in Md progress notes "pt having PSN's"...asked him what exactly is a PSN???? He said " Premature Something or Nothers"
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    My personal favorites:

    Request a consult with Dr. Kevorkian
    Tranfer to the eternal care facility

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    we use "gomer" as a generalized term for crusty old peole, ie: we sent him to the gomer home today

    Cluster F$%K- originally used in the millitary adapted to anything done by mangement

    PITA Pain in the A$$

    When i was 18 played on the ***** softball team, never played sober

    Gorked- sedated , "that guys getting squirrly, gimme a haldol cocktail (haldol and ativan, ummm yummy) to gork him", "man she came in gorked, don't know if it's meds or if she's just a gomer"

    Persoanlity disorder = a$$hole "Man that patients husband has a serious personality disorder, GORK HIM!!!"

    17th floor = dead (our building has 16"
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    We use "PFD" for our Sat night regulars - p!ssed, fell down.
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    All patients need a little "TLC"--Thorazine, lorazepam and compazine.

    My favorite patients are "SIR" Sedated, intubated and restrained!
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    Probably my favorite order for those hallucinating:

    Vitamin H

    Haldol! LOL

    My favorite essential nutrient!
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    PCD-- prepped for celestial discharge

    consult doctor arbot
    (our resident MD Death.... ex-neurosurgeon.... operated on wrong side of heads twice... caused massive TBI)

    ATS-- Acute thespian syndrome
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    One from the late 60's and early 70's when nurses began watching monitors...

    FLBs....funny looking beats.


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