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"Hey, Flo! You're getting a new admit in 206-1," says Mel, the charge nurse. "ETOH, admitted for detox, alert and oriented times 1-2. He's got an IV but ER says it won't last long the way he's... Read More

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    Sounds like a typical night to me, except the lunch break, someone having my back, and a doctor actually helping with a problem patient...lol
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    Quote from TrixieRN1
    What's really fun is when the patient sets his cell phone alarm to go off to wake him up so he can call for more morphine/dilaudid/Benadryl. It gets even better when the patient insists, "The other nurse pushes my medicine fast for me." Oh my, the patient looks so disappointed when I inform him/her that I'm not pushing his meds fast. Too bad, so sad.
    So true! No, I am not pushing your morphine over 10 seconds!
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    Quote from whichone'spink
    I have the feeling if the hospital was run like Denny's, it would run better.
    Pretty much, in most restaurant there is a limit to the number of tables or guest a server can have at once. Usually around 4 or 5.
    More tables=more wait time = worse customer service = smaller number of guests coming back= less money
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    This is awesome.
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    As an ER Tech who is constantly listening to the nurses complain about how long it takes to send patients upstairs, this is a nice look into why that is.
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    Quote from imintrouble
    I thought I was the only one who did that.
    The look on the pt's face when they see the 10ml syringe is priceless.
    At my facility, it's protocol to dilute to 10ml for all IV meds. Doesn't stop patients from trying to manipulate staff though 'Oh, the other nurses never dilute that much! It's less effective when more diluted!'.
    Lol, apparently we are all idiots, if pts really think we fall for that load of manure. Don't get me wrong, if it's ordered and you are breathing and can coherently ask for your meds, I'll give them. Even if I think you're full of it. But I'll be darned if I'll give you a cheap buzz too!!
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    We have a policy at our hospital that all dilaudid is supposed to be diluted with a 10 ml flush and then pushed over 2 minutes....
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    holy snap! you just described my shift the other night... All and all this really touched my heart and reminded me of why I became a nurse in the fist place!
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    Quote from CheesePotato
    What is that? Yes, clever spud...

    This whole thread had me wiping away tears of laughter, but THIS is the part that has continued to pop into my head several days later. Couldn't resist speaking up, even though I'm not really adding much to the content. Thanks so much for your time and comedic abilities, CP and Viva! What a great addition to (or non-medical intervention for) our week!
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    Anytime someone calls it "the computer," you don't need to read any further.

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