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"Hey, Flo! You're getting a new admit in 206-1," says Mel, the charge nurse. "ETOH, admitted for detox, alert and oriented times 1-2. He's got an IV but ER says it won't last long the way he's... Read More

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    We have a policy at our hospital that all dilaudid is supposed to be diluted with a 10 ml flush and then pushed over 2 minutes....
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    holy snap! you just described my shift the other night... All and all this really touched my heart and reminded me of why I became a nurse in the fist place!
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    Quote from CheesePotato
    What is that? Yes, clever spud...

    This whole thread had me wiping away tears of laughter, but THIS is the part that has continued to pop into my head several days later. Couldn't resist speaking up, even though I'm not really adding much to the content. Thanks so much for your time and comedic abilities, CP and Viva! What a great addition to (or non-medical intervention for) our week!
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    Anytime someone calls it "the computer," you don't need to read any further.
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    Quote from nurseladybug12
    I especially love when pts ask for IV dilaudid as they are clearly nodding off, unashamedly not trying to fight off looking drowsy. Then when you peek in on them 5 minutes later they are snoring as loud as a bear.
    When I worked in a rehab hospital, I once had two young male patients in the same room, both of them around age 25. Both were in after minor orthopedic procedures. They had matching PRN orders for Lortab 7.5 PRN q4h. Since the hospital allowed patients to bring in small electrical appliances, one of them had an alarm clock brought from home. He set the alarm to wake him up - you guessed it - q4h. If these guys were in pain, I'm Rocky the Flying Squirrel.

    BTW - Seeing Viva's name on the post brought me in, but CheesePotato's response made it a four-course meal. Good job, both of you!

    Back to the original topic - if a hospital were run like Denny's, I wonder what items would be offered on the Build Your Own Slam. "OK, I'll have the morphine, with a side of Phenergan, a shot of Ativan..."
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    Quote from Orca
    BTW - Seeing Viva's name on the post brought me in, but CheesePotato's response made it a four-course meal. Good job, both of you!

    Thank you. But I think CheesePotato's response was among the top 5 best posts I've ever seen here....she ROCKS!!
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    This was such a great article .i am an Lpn in a a nursing home and in school for my BSN but stories like this makes me understand what i am getting into...Flo did what she had to do!
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    Quote from jadelpn
    To all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.......
    This made me laugh out loud!
    JADE _ EXACTLY what I was going to write! Wow, you're good lol... and Viva, yep...
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    Lol I love this! If only things really did turn out like that and we got tips for especially unruly "customers"

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