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  1. Acute COVID, What We're Seeing

    How to share 1 vent with 2 or 4 patients:
  2. Acute COVID, What We're Seeing

    Probably the first time white boards in patient rooms have improved patient care ?
  3. The language of your question, “...limiting transgender healthcare for youth,” is loaded with bias. It promotes a false dilemma: either you get in line with the politically acceptable position that supports unnatural hormone treatments and radical el...
  4. RN school while in High School?

    And I thought we had maturity and professionalism problems with a lot of our 21-24 year old new grads!
  5. HIPAA breach

    You should look into whether the accuser violated any laws by making her false accusation. Most governmental bodies that accept complaints/accusations from the public have a lot of regulations and laws requiring that the complaint is made in good fai...
  6. How much do YOU think nurses are worth?

    Pediatricians often only make a little over $200k in some markets. $150k for an RN who is not an APRN is laughable.
  7. Anxious about job market

    The most important thing you can do is work hard, get excellent grades in school, and get a foot in the door in the specialty where you want to end up while you are still early in your nursing program. Get a job as a CNA, tech, intern, etc. All of my...
  8. I would
  9. Keeping CCRN in adults & peds?

    I earned my adult CCRN this past May and have been working full-time in an adult ICU. In another month, I will be switching to full-time in a PICU and staying PRN in the adult ICU. I'm hoping to earn my pediatric CCRN after I meet the practice hours ...
  10. CMC- Cardiac Medical Certifcation subspecialty

    The hardest part of the CMC exam is the "steel cage" fight at the end when they throw you in a cage with Ronda Rousey. I'm still sore a month later!
  11. Don't be careless with sterile technique! A central line bloodstream infection can absolutely kill a patient. It might be difficult to trace it to a particular nurse because it takes time to develop, but we are absolutely responsible as nurses. When ...
  12. Has anyone taken the CCRN as of recently?

    I passed the CCRN yesterday. I spent the majority of my time studying the AACN online review course and doing the Pass CCRN online question bank. I did watch the Vonfrolio videos about a year ago and made notes. I skimmed over the notes recently but ...
  13. The worst job you had before becoming a Nurse?

    Night shift bagging powdered milk in a milk processing plant. Usually about 90 degrees and humid due to the huge machinery. Came home in the morning blowing milk dust out of my nose. The guy running the thing was an alcoholic and routinely stood on t...
  14. What's up with all the 'failed NCLEX' posts?

    If we really want a fair system that encourages the highest academic standards, the NCLEX should not only report pass/fail, but should also report a numerical score. This is what the USMLE does for medical students. Scores are strongly considered for...
  15. New Grad to ICU / Multiple Job offers

    Keep pursuing the second ICU position and just see what happens. If you need to respond soon to the first offer, you may have to accept before you have an answer from the second hospital. If you are in that situation and then get an offer from the se...