Hilarious maternity nursing sayings/pics

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    I laughed so hard at these!

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    Quote from RN2B123
    I laughed so hard at these!

    So then my patient was all like...
    Sent 'em to all my old RN friends...and my daughter and daughter-in-law!
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    Absolutely hilarious... made my morning.... I haven't laughed in a while... and that was something I needed!

    Thank you!
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    That was very cute. I could definitely relate to some of those.
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    Bahaha I really enjoyed these - shared to my PP buddies!

    In particular I liked the "night shift hilarious" and the MIB sunglasses... which I believe apply to all realms of nursing
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    ROFL!!!!! I like the Steve Carrell one where his tongue is just flapping!
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    Or the one where "in the middle of the night when the nurses are laughing when you ask them a questions" sooo true!
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    LOL~ I think all nurses (maternity or not) can relate to these! Hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing!
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    Those are hilarious and a lot apply to anyone who has ever been a nurse anywhere!
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    Oh my gosh! These are amazing! Thank you for sharing...everyone needs more humor in their lives.

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