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  1. yoganurs

    what can I do? A frustrated "old new grad"

    I'm in the same boat. I'm moving out of state in 2 weeks because I had no other choice.
  2. yoganurs

    What's Cali. life like?

    It's a rat race. Good luck!
  3. I see that as good news :-)
  4. Not yet...you nurskty?
  5. What I do know is that this is a good lesson of patience. My fingers are still crossed : )
  6. I'm glad you haven't heard anything Nurskty. My guess is that the woman in HR was incorrect ;-)
  7. Hey, I just spoke with Human Resources. They mentioned that L&D phone calls have been made. Has anyone heard?
  8. I have yet to hear any news, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to envision it.
  9. If anyone knows the start date of the orientation, please feel free to share ;-)
  10. Has anyone here had a positive response?
  11. yoganurs

    Feeling insulted after job interview

    It's true. Anyone can catch a baby. I've watched completely unprepared fathers catch their baby in their home (for example) plenty of times. Of course, those of us who are trained and have been 'catching babies' for years are much more graceful at it ;-)
  12. yoganurs

    BSN or ADN?

    BSN 100%
  13. yoganurs

    Sutter Eden?

    I think it may be too early to say. They only just opened in December.
  14. Only that they should be contacting people next week with their final answers either by email or phone.
  15. Yes it was short. I think the CNO's role is to make you feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  16. I think it went well. How about you nurskty? I'm not from Stockton but I'm find little jewels here and there. How about you?