Funny seizure patient cartoon...

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    I loved the allergy bit, especially the last one! But it is a little sad, too, because we all have had patients like this.
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    I loved the "dance move seizure" ... LOL
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    love that im anxious that I might not get my xanax ......LOL
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    Best part: Her allergy list, especially her allergy to employment.
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    I must say that was funny. Allergic to non fat food AND employment. She needs help and fast! Lol
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    As a RN that works in alcohol/drug detox facility, this hits waaaaaaay too close to many of the conversations that I've had with my patients. One of the other RNs in my workplace had emailed this to me a couple of weeks ago, and I just about fell off the chair laughing.
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    while the cartoon is humorous, it saddens me that many people are so suspicious of those of us who have seizures. i have had several types of seizures since an aneurysm ruptured when i was an infant. none of my seizures "show" on the outside unless you really know me well. i talk, follow a conversation, remain conscious etc. and that has always caused disbelief among medical personnel and teachers alike.
    i am well controlled on medication, have had no seizures for more than a decade, have never taken a xanax, and just go about my day like everyone else. side effects from certain seizure meds can be a real pain in the azz but with the help of a good neuro and experimenting until you hit on the correct med(s) coupled with the dosage that eliminates your seizures without destroying your life with obnoxious side effects, can take some time. just please don't automatically assume that all of us who have seizure disorders are drug seeking drama queens, because we aren't. :angryfire:trout:

    shar pei mom
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    I think the point here was that this patient was so obviously NOT having any kind of seizure activity and was trying to manipulate the system in any way she thought would work. She was an example of people who have "seize-yours"--meaning they will try to seize anything that's yours. You certainly don't fall into that category, Kathy, and I'm sorry that the abusers make it difficult for those who really do have problems.

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