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I am an independent 22 year old nursing major and I really want this more than anything. I would like to think of myself as loveable and a horrible speller.

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  1. For those who got accepted what were your scores like? GPA/ TEAS? I need to retake API and APII and I still have to take Micro. Everything else is done. My overall GPA is okay but I don't have the best science grades (hence the retakes). What do...
  2. What should I buy?

    It's in MD. I have found that not a lot of people really respond from BCCC specially but if you search supplies for nursing school I find that its pretty universal. i hope this makes sense.
  3. Has anyones school been affected by Sandy?

    Oh. I have classes Mon-Fri. My last final is on Dec 19. It sucks. Sent from my iPhone using
  4. Has anyones school been affected by Sandy?

    Im not sure which school you go to but AACC added 3 days because we were out three. Kinda cool kinda not.
  5. UMSON Spring 2013

    I live in the city and ive never encountered that but then again i dont walk alone, at night, and I drive everywhere. I got lost downtown around lexington and 1st mariner for half an hour at 930pm a few weeks ago. I was dressed a little differently ...
  6. Online classes....

    I have to agree with the above poster. Ive taken many classes online including English, Algebra, A&P, Philosophy, etc. I find that there are indeed more to do. For English i had just 4-6 papers to write if i had it on campus but online i had that...
  7. You are absolutely right! That was very nice of them to call though. Sent from my iPhone using
  8. Fall Semester 2012

    I'd like to either specialize in Emergency Medicine or subspecialize in Critical Care. I work in a hospital on a step down unit from ICU and I'm so fascinated with whats going on with these patients. As a nurse i dont have a preference for a unit al...
  9. Fall Semester 2012

    I am also majoring in nursing and applying to med school after. Im glad im not the only one. Good luck. :) Sent from my iPhone using
  10. UMSON Spring 2013

    For some reason i was thinking 695 but that way works. Less traffic. 695 is horrible in the morning and evening either way. Catonsville or that area near wilkins ave may not be a bad choice either as far as housing near the city. There are many optio...
  11. UMSON Spring 2013

    Im not applying yet but i live near the school. Glen Burnie is 15-20 minutes away but the traffic would suck getting into the city. If you drive you have to consider parking and if you take the MTA the commute is a couple of hours. You are better off...
  12. To all pre/current nursing students!

    When you apply for a job at a hospital regarding patient care it says specifically that clinicals arent considered experience. If that was the case everyone would have experience and the competition would be even more great. Even still they ask for a...
  13. Finally got my head on straight!

    Could not have said this better myself! Life is all about making mistakes. Learning from them is the important part. You understand your situation and recognize your potential. That attitude will get your far. Sent from my iPhone using
  14. Finally got my head on straight!

    You guys are so amazing. If ever you fall behind or lose track of your goals come to allnurses for motivation and encouragement. The support we have for one another is just simply amazing. Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using
  15. Time management / study schedule

    This is so so so true. Many times i sit down and study and then look up 3 hours have passed and i only read one paragraph. Either i blacked out and partied or im not studying effectively. Lol. Sent from my iPhone using