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It's Pick on Doctor Day! :) I have a high regard for physicians, well, most of them, but it sure can be fun to poke fun at them. Our hospital had a notorious, frequent flyer patient with multiple medical issues, and as we... Read More

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    Such good laughs for the day. Printed them off to share.

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    Ha Ha. That last one reminded me. When I used to work private practice, my boss was pretty hot I guess to "other" women. I thought a little too feminine, I digress... There were a few patients of ours who clearly had the hots for him and I decided to torture him when ever they came in. Of course these women were not stellar examples of what a guy would be OK with, when it comes to accepting drooling. Two of them were like "Pat" on SNL (I'm serious). Boy, oh boy did I torture him. Got to the point where I'd skip by his office to let him know that his girlfriend was here (very teasy) and he'd just put his head down on his desk and whine pitifully, "which one "
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    Ok, we had this sweet little older doctor, he was just too nice to most of the staff. But in one day rolls this almost 600 lb patient to our ICU, and she had been extubated and was complaining of pain. He goes by to check on her. He's at the doorway and she's growling in her usual voice that she wants him to come closer.
    For whatever reason he panicked and said "Oh I can hear you just fine from here" She yelled "Come CLOSER!!!" So he does his little slow walk in the room and you could tell he had a nervous look, not sure why.
    So she whispers "Pain...pain" And he proceeds to go assessment style asking where the pain is and looking and her and so forth. And she says "here" His response"Where?" She takes one of her big arms and smacks him on the forehead and yells "HERE." and he fell halfway over.
    The nurses in the unit were DYING for half the night, every time we saw him the rest of the night he'd turn red.
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    Quote from tokmom
    Doc hit the ground hard, lol...
    The rest of us scattered like mice, snickering down the hall, and left him sitting there.
    Quote from macgirl
    The only thing better than that... Is the doc turning as someone walks in asks a question and gets hit upside the head...
    Quote from Guttercat
    I opened the reference/textbook cabinet directly above him, at which point no less than one Mosby's, two Merck manuals, and one 1000 page PDR came crashing out and fell on his head.
    Quote from rn4babies63
    ...suddenly sneezed and a large amount of urine came out, right into the doc's mouth...
    Quote from bagladyrn
    ...the foot flew straight out, striking him squarely in the expected location. Hardest time I've had keeping a straight face!
    Quote from subee
    ...he trips over the power cord for the C-arm and breaks a finger.
    Quote from NickiLaughs
    She takes one of her big arms and smacks him on the forehead and yells "HERE." and he fell halfway over.
    The nurses in the unit were DYING for half the night...
    This type of stuff is funny?
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    Yes, this type of stuff is funny! It's hilarious, actually.
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    Ex, who is a doctor, told me that for his going away party, his staff put KY jelly/gel? on his phone.

    Fortunately he has a good sense of humor and was laughing while wiping the gooey, sticky mess from his ear.
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    Quote from grntea
    we had a cardiologist with a roaring case of small-man syndrome-- you know, the ones that have to be more bombastic and bossy because they're short. alas, this one was also blessed with a true baby face, pink cheeks and blond hair. a lot of people who didn't know how smart he was (and he really was a good cardiologist) would not take him seriously.
    but the day that took the cake was when he walked into the ccu for a consult and the patient took him for the paperboy and asked for the morning globe. i thought he was gonna stroke right in front of us.
    hahahahaha! that's hilarious. i bet that took him off his high horse for a bit.
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    Quote from That Guy
    Saw one get frosted like a cake by a pt that just had a Milk and Molasses enema. He was adament about examining their back at that time. Guess he will listen next time I saw it might not be the best time.

    Frosted like a cake! I COULD NOT stop laughing when I read this....couldn't breathe, stomach hurt and tears running down face laughing!. Thanks. I needed that.
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    OMG...these are priceless!
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    Too funny...

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