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For Laffs - Take The Nurse's Cap Quiz

  1. 0 In case anyone has a free moment and or just wants a giggle:
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    #1 0
    Cute! I only got 2 wrong.....and have NEVER worn a cap!!
  4. Visit  sharpeimom profile page
    #2 3
    i got 10 out of 10 correct! two answers were guesses though.
  5. Visit  Iri5hd4nc3r_RN profile page
    #3 0
    7/10 ... also never worn a cap!
  6. Visit  Sparrowhawk profile page
    #4 0
    6/10....never had a cap
  7. Visit  Not_A_Hat_Person profile page
    #5 0
    7/10. Never worn a cap.
  8. Visit  Hospice Nurse LPN profile page
    #6 0
    7/10! Not too bad. I've never worn a cap.
  9. Visit  jm394 profile page
    #7 0
    8/10. Not bad for a male nurse. I can never imagine myself in one, but I see the nostalgic appeal.
  10. Visit  Pepper The Cat profile page
    #8 0
    7/10 - wore a cap for the first year of college - haven't worn one since
  11. Visit  RedheadedVet profile page
    #9 0
    9 out of 10 - and never wore a cap. I was, however, fascinated with my mother's cap when I was little and constantly sneaking her spare cap out of her closet to play dress up.
  12. Visit  Jamesdotter profile page
    #10 0
    9 out of 10 I missed the one about 5 years.
  13. Visit  kaufer01 profile page
    #11 0
    7 out of 10 - I too have never worn a cap
  14. Visit  Meriwhen profile page
    #12 0
    9 out of 10: the black band question got me

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