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  1. kaufer01

    When are you paid?

    I get paid every two weeks. Although I work at a school that operates camp programs in the summer, so it's their standard pay cycle. I've worked at camps that pay at the end of a session or season, however, they've also used direct deposit, so I wasn't expecting a check. Some camps offer milage or travel reimbursement, but this is something you typically will need to negotiate before accepting the position.
  2. kaufer01

    Winter camp RN

    I'd also recommend a wilderness first aid course rather than just a basic first aid course depending on your camps location and what level of training the counseling staff have.
  3. kaufer01

    Epi-Pen costs

    We buy enough to stock all of our med kits with an auto injector and then supplement with ampules for secondary doses just in case. It's crazy expensive (we send out 20+ trips every summer plus our stock at camp) Our local pharmacy provides them close to at cost. It's not cheap, but we do what we have to to ensure the safety of our participants.
  4. kaufer01

    2015 Work Thread

    Last day of camp for me was yesterday! How has everyone's summer been? Every summer I'm amazed at how much happened and how quickly the summer flew by.
  5. kaufer01

    2015 Work Thread

    Opening Day is 3 weeks from tomorrow for us! Feeling so underprepared after being short staffed during the rest of the year with our other programs. When do all of you start?
  6. kaufer01

    Mantoux question

    When I worked in public health we would give mantoux as ordered by our overseeing physician to individuals that met a certain criteria (high risk). We had to take and pass a test certifying how to administer and read it prior to any administration. Our camp doesn't require our staff to have the mantoux, on the physical we ask the physician to screen for risk and if there is high risk only then do we ask for it to be completed.
  7. kaufer01

    med management

    We have standing orders for common issues that kids have while at camp. We then require parents to also sign off on the list indicating any medication they do not want their child to receive. Any medication (other, vitamin, supplement, etc) not on the list that parents choose to send must be in the original bottle with a current prescription or note from their physician.
  8. kaufer01

    Pay negotiation for an emergency pickup shift

    We hire per diem staff per day at a rate of $150/day. Less than 4 hours is a half day greater than 4 hours is a full day.
  9. kaufer01

    health forms

    We accept any paperwork that has the needed information. A lot of doctors offices won't fill out the form for whatever reason and will just send the most recent physical. If I had to get our specific form I'd never get all the paperwork I need from parents.
  10. kaufer01


    All of our HS meds are dispensed from the health center. "Minutes" are called 10 minutes prior to lights out for our younger campers. These last 10 minutes before bed are when kids are supposed to come and get meds, brush teeth, etc. The older kids come and get their meds a little bit later because they have a later bedtime. We haven't really had an issue with parents wanting their child to get it right before their head hits the pillow. When screening forms and following up with parents we let them know when our med administration times are and the process we use for giving meds and most parents don't have an issue with it.
  11. kaufer01

    What areas of your HC could use a new change?

    I have those skills, it's just a matter of finding the time to be able to implement it the way I want to. I'm moving towards a Google form as a sign in which then goes to a master sheet where I can pull out a list of all the trainings a specific person has done as well as generate a list of specific people that meet a certain criteria for trainings. I just haven't had a chance to finish it. It's also a lot of data entry since everything up to this point was tracked via paper. Our HR person also saw it and wants to incorporate all the trainings and certifications she needs to track into the database as well so they are all in one place. This of course means re-configuring all the forms and the database since the information will look slightly different... If only there were another 24 hours in my day!
  12. kaufer01

    What areas of your HC could use a new change?

    The biggest change we NEED to make is unfortunately one we can't make. The location of our health center is in the lower level of the same building our dining hall is in which means we have noisy foot traffic all day long (not a very restful place for sick kiddos). I have the luxury of working with this organization year round, so we've been busy implementing a lot of changes over the winter months in preparation for our busy summer and "shoulder" seasons. (We do programs for schools in spring and fall.) We just finished a revamp of our first aid kit room with improved storage and extra counter space for packing kits - our spring/fall instructors just started and the comments so far have been awesome! We also improved the kit packing process to make it a little more streamlined and the sign out process has moved from a binder with pages falling out to a mounted white board with a line for each kit. We've also been working on improving our ability to track trainings and when staff last had them. It's our policy that staff must have specific trainings current within the past year to be able to check out a first aid kit or administer medication (out in the field/on trips). That's kept us plenty busy at this point. I like the idea of creating a policy change and sending a letter home to parents that we will be keeping any OTC meds that come through, especially things that kiddos aren't expected to take on a daily basis. We do allow parents to send OTC meds that their child will be expected to take on a daily basis (i.e. Claritin), but anything else we really encourage them not to send along.
  13. kaufer01

    2015 Work Thread

    I'm a year round RN at a semester school/camp in Maine. I've been here for a year, but I've been working at camps for several summers. I'm looking for additional nurses for the summer (June-Aug) and have a full time opening. PM me with questions!
  14. kaufer01

    How soon can I start looking for a camp job?

    I took over as supervising nurse of a health center in Maine, I'm currently hiring for a full time nurse. I'll be hiring for an additional 3 nurses over summer (for a total of 4 besides myself), but don't have my summer job posting up yet. It's never too late to start looking, but there are camps out there that post a little later. :) big al - feel free to reach out to me with specific questions. I work year round at a foundation that has a semester school, boys camp, wilderness trips, and has shorter encampments/trips for school groups in the spring and fall. I am a supervising nurse and use unlicensed assistants for med administration all the time. There is no way I could be there all the time for every program. Historically I've had a second RN year round and I hire additional nurses over summer, but still use unlicensed personnel for wilderness trips, overnights on our campsites away from the center of campus, and off campus day trips.
  15. kaufer01

    camp nursing for a new RN?

    I went to camp as the Camp Nurse the summer after I graduated with my degree for the entire summer. Sessions were a week long at most and had between 60-120 kids per session. The camp was fairly healthy. I was the only "health person" at camp with the exception of a few first responder level trained folks. I just made sure I was really confident in my basic first aid and assessment skill beforehand. I also met with the physician who signed off on our standing orders and met some of the office staff so I had a few resources in my pocket before summer started. Turned out to be one of the best summers ever and was pretty pivotal in my career (I'm now the supervising nurse at a semester school/ summer camp). Figure out how you're going to prepare yourself, know your resources and your limits. I'd say go for it!
  16. kaufer01

    A Day In Your Health Center

    Wow! 20 growth hormone kids? We have a handful, last summer we had 4 our second session - I thought that was a lot! They trickle in with the rest of the bedtime meds. We usually (but not always) have 2 nurses on for bedtime meds just because these take so much time to set up and give.