Describe the Ugliest Scrubs You Have Seen!

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    Geez, I volunteer @ a hospital where I have seem more than my share of ugly scrubs! Interested to know what's the ugliest you have seen out there. I have 2 that come to mind:

    (1) NASCAR race cars .. everywhere, ugh!

    (2) A black and white top from afar upon closer inspection reveals it's a skull and crossbones design .. OK it was around Halloween but seriously? As a patient I would get creeped ...

    Personally, I wish the RNs would wear scrubs that identify them apart from LPNs, CNAs or techs. They ALL look the same! Gotta freaking look for a badge that is not always prominently displayed .. but I digress ...

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    I used to work with a male nurse who wore a "Betty Boop" scrub top!
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    I can't stand seeing nurses who wear the low-rise, hip-huggers paired with the top that is way too short; especially when they bend over or are in other circumstances. (Not to mention with a visible thong). Yuk!
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    Quote from Bella'sMyBaby
    I used to work with a male nurse who wore a "Betty Boop" scrub top!
    That is just too funny

    A scrub top with large stallions on it-was horrible
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    A scrub top patterned with hunting camo...then the next day, scrub pants patterned with hunting camo.
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    My hospital system has coordinated colors depending on what job you do. Nurses are white or royal blue, cnas/techs are hunter green, lab is maroon, and RT is black. I used to have alot of nice looking scrubs, and then they went to mandantory colors
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    The hospital in our health system has gone to mandatory colors. My facility (LTC & Rehab) hasn't yet, but I think it's in the works. Yesterday I went to the outpt. lab to practice drawing blood, and I forgot about the color thing. I wore my new navy blue scrubs, and I matched everyone else in the lab! I was kinda glad--if I'd worn another color, it would've given me away as a trainee.
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    Ever seen the three wolves howling at the moon Tshirt? Yah had a guy make scrub tops of it and wear them in the ER. Even a gunshot victim laughed once. I personally opted for black BDU pants and a hospital themed shirt. Wore that with my waterproof combat boot/sneakers. Very comfy wash off easy and kept the various ickies from leaking onto my socks.
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    Plain white ... very thin fabric that you can kind'a see through ... revealing too much of the person's underclothes, body hair, and body -- not a pretty sight.
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    Pink, gray, black and white camo scrubs.........looked like a cat that had been hosed down with Pepto-Bismol. Or a box of Good and Plenty candies.
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