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TampaTech has 2 years experience and specializes in med/surg and Tele.

I was born and raised in florida,my grandmother was a nurse my brother is a paramedic and I and doing the pre course work to become an RN

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  1. TampaTech

    Embarrassing/Clumsy Moments!

    Ive done things similaer to SOME of these, whats even better is when the pt (thats able to) gets up and runs over to you. to see if youre alright..lol
  2. TampaTech

    Alternative name for CNA?

    Well that is what we are called here in Florida atleast at my hospital system. We have PCT's (patient care techs) which just do patient care, UST's (unit support techs) who are just secretaries and can watch the tele monitors, for me though I am whats called a PST (patient support tech) I can do direct patient care and be a unit secretary and watch the tele monitors, its all really just fancy badging for your abilities.
  3. TampaTech

    Human nature...

    So, I must say one thing as a CNA myself I would never tell a nurse how to do her job, I would say something like; "maybe if you call the family and let them know what happened they might be more inclined to come down and discuss the situation and will be more calm about it". However, onto another note. SGT>Moody is it? You need to learn to watch your mouth. I wonder what area of nursing you work in where you dont require the aid of a "certified rear-wiper, and bed-pan changer"?I think you need to learn some respect, I agree with you not to let CNA's tell nurses how to do their job, it is insebordination at its best. So next time when you are drowning in the poop I hope the certified "rear-wipers" arent around to help your mean a** >
  4. TampaTech

    Alternative name for CNA?

    Sorry I havent had a chance to get back to this in a few days guys. I apologize if you all took it as I was bashing the nurses. It was a joke or atleast trying to be funny no we all have different job descriptions and do many of the same things. Without nurses there would be no need for CNA's right? Now heres a trick question; which came first? The Nurse or the CNA?
  5. TampaTech

    Alternative name for CNA?

    I think it should be "The person that does everything except pass meds and chart on mars, the people who perhaps know more about the pt's then most of the nurses do, and the person who does all the backbreaking work" I think that would be a great name. lol
  6. TampaTech

    Top 10 Myths of the "MURSE"

    see i read the other thread about a MURSE and until I read it I had never heard it used like that...I always thought a MURSE was a "man-purse" LOL
  7. TampaTech

    New CNA, need help with speedy vital checks.

    It comes with time and experience thats all I have to say. Everyone does something that makes it faster for them.
  8. TampaTech

    Alright to have your husband start an IV on your patient?

    Its not that big of a deal. I dont know why people make it such. We have medics in the ER's of our hospital chain for tech work and to start IV's because half of the time they are much better then nurses anyways (esp in LTC) I should know this because my brother is a paramedic and is AMAZING at IV's. So here is a little but of advice. Not everything is terrible when someone does it. Everything was given the green light by EVERYONE even the doctor. So I would stop worrying that someone is going to bust a gut or have an annurysim because someone off duty came in and started an IV. The worst that can happen in a real life situation is it gets occluded. Yes, it could get infected, their arm might fall off because of the infection, they could turn septic, and the infection could travle to their brain and they die of a cardiac arrest. But really how many times have you seen that from an IV?
  9. TampaTech

    manly scrub top protocol...

    tie-dyes and camo prints are NEVER ALLOWED!!!!! They are hidious and ugly and make you look like a big fat D-bag for the camo and a big fat hippe for the tie-dye. Sorry but those are two of the most unattractive patterns in human history. You might as well wear flippin paisley!
  10. TampaTech

    Acronyms that confuse

    for the longest time I didnt know what NOC meant until i was at my grannies ALF and one of the aides said NOCTURNAL and then i put two and two together.
  11. TampaTech

    What the Heck to You Do on Night Shifts?

    This is why Americans all die early...lol...because we only get a half hour break for a 12 hour shift...I think if I had an hour and a 1/2 break I wouldnt know what to do with myself....I would probably be driving around getting into mischife or something lol.
  12. TampaTech

    Please Help! Best way to get a sticky pox on an infant?

    What is a Sticky-Pox...sounds terrible...lol Im non OB if u couldnt tell.
  13. TampaTech

    Who came up with the idea of 12 HOUR SHIFTS?

    I think that the 12 hour shifts are great. Along with everyone else here, you have more time off and more time to finish your work. The medical field isnt the only profession that has 12 hour shifts. Police, and some EMS companies have them. Its not a new thing. Working 8's suck butthole. Just get used to them and then you will love them.
  14. TampaTech

    Autopsy Question

    One of my friends that had a roomate that died unexpectadley. The autopsie for that took about 3 weeks or so to perform it and the report took about 2 or 3 months to get back. Sorry about your loss. But its really just a waiting game when it comes to these sort of things.
  15. TampaTech

    My first code... ever

    I remember my first one as well...pt was getting alot of narcs and took alot of her own that her husband had snuck in. I was only on the floor for about 2 weeks. I remember she was breathing strangly very lows resps..then I get an O2 sat and turn the light on it was at 57% and she was cyanotic. Then I ran and told the nurse and we called the code!
  16. TampaTech

    CNA class and practicing on your classmates

    ROM is Range Of Motion..lol...you will learn what that is.active and passinve.