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Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like youíve been busy all day....... yet at the end of the day you look around and canít see that youíve really accomplished anything?? You wonder what in the world happened... Read More

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    Yep, 2 thoughts in my head, these day is becoming a serious case of over crowding!

    I actually tell pts now " Please don't be offended .I am not going to remember your name. No sense in faking it. I accept where I am it. So,when I stare at you blankly ,which I am confident I will, could you please help me out and just tell me your name."
    The pt seem to get a kick out of it too !
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    I am with you on forgetting names.
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    Quote from Whispera
    thank yew....typed with one toe and my nose after washing a dish and feeding the dog and ironing half a shirt and eating part of a cookie....
    If you've accomplished all that you don't have the 'disorder' heehee.
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    HAHAHAHA!!!! That's me all over......chasing my own tail all day long. Sometimes I think it's a miracle that I get anything done at all.
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    Haha, you should see the number of half-finished books laying around my living room. I start one and then walk into the study to grab a pen, while there I see another book with a catchy title so I sit there and start that one too. While looking for a pen that I don't find, I reach into my purse for the pen and discover the novel I took to the doctor's office to read in case of delays and then start reading that one. Don't get me started on household chores that I start and never finish yet I'm exhausted at the end of the day.

    OP, you don't know how happy I am to learn that I'm not an isolated case at forgetfulness
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    I'm only 33, and that could have been me in that video...Should I be worried? lol
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    Lol... Oh, now I get it!!! HA!
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    I do this all the time. I guess it activated early in me.
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    Ha! I've been like that my whole life! I didn't know that other people DON'T do that. Don't worry, everyone, it's not fatal to be ditzy, just embarrassing!!

    Case in point, right now I have headphones in one ear so I can listen to music while watching the video. The washing machine is running, the sink is half full of dishes that I started washing an hour ago, I have swept the kitchen and gotten out the mop, and I put my stethoscope beside the computer so I'll remember to put it in my work bag. I have paid three bills, but I got up to check on the washing machine before I paid the rest, and when I came back I was distracted by AN!
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    Quote from canigraduate
    I have paid three bills, but I got up to check on the washing machine before I paid the rest, and when I came back I was distracted by AN!
    Now that happens ALL the time with me. The computer just seems to call my name. Such a good distraction though..........

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