Will you pay 1000 dollars ticket for a interview?

  1. I applied job in ND, but it costs a lot of money for a ticket. I was wondering what is point to apply out state if every interview costs you hundreds. Would you do it? Or you will stick with any job near you?
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  3. by   owlRN01
    Depends how long I had been trying, how much I needed the money and if I was willing to relocate. Thank goodness I never had to consider this but I can see how some people would be up for relocating. Good luck! $1000 sounds like a lot but think of how much more money you will miss out on if you have to wait longer for employment. Is this job a dream job or just a so-so job?
  4. by   marcos9999
    I can't imagine any one expecting someone to pay 1k for an interview. What about Skype it's a lot cheaper...
  5. by   Sun0408
    No, I wouldn't. Do you have ND license ?? Do you have a lot of experience or in a high demand area like ICU, L&D?? That is 1k, I would never get back if I went and wasn't hired. Telephone interviews work great for long distance.
  6. by   CP2013
    What about a telephone or Skype interview?

    I would think an employer would be reasonable an understand that they should be making an offer before expecting you to come out. If you do $1000 tickets to four or five interviews....you're broke.

    I would suggest requesting a phone interview and possibly ask for relocation when the offer is made.

    But that's just my opinion as a nursing student, so I still have my rose colored glasses on.
  7. by   Snowbird17
    Phone interview! Or go out as a traveler.... see if you like it, let travel comapny pay expenses, then interview while there.
  8. by   SummerGarden
    I would only do it if, 1.) I had the money and 2.) I knew without a doubt that the odds were in my favor to get the job. Is ND still in great need for nurses? If so, the odds may be in your favor.

    BTW, although I agree with others about alternative ways to interview, nothing beats in-person interviews. You get to see the location you plan to live, the facility you plan to work, meet future co-workers, etc. Good luck!
  9. by   Meriwhen
    I wouldn't do it unless I was planning to relocate to ND (or whatever destination) anyway.
  10. by   turnforthenurse
    I wouldn't do it unless the odds were in my favor. I had an offer for an ICU internship position at a great teaching hospital...I was still living in Ohio at the time. I was already planning on relocating to Texas, where this position was located. The director on the phone told me that they used to do phone interviews but now they prefer to have potential employees actually come to the hospital for a tour, etc. So I either had to decline the offer or pay nearly $1,000 for a plane ticket to TX along with transportation, a place to stay, meals...it would have been VERY expensive. The director also told me that there weren't many spots left and was honest and said my odds wouldn't be as good now. I talked with him on the phone for awhile but I politely declined the offer. I just didn't have the money and I knew the odds weren't in my favor. I never did get a job at that hospital, but I quickly found work after moving to TX at a different hospital.
  11. by   kindlylili
    Thanks all for your inputs, and right, I really can't afford the expenses. It is just too much.
  12. by   That Guy
    Ask for a phone interview. Thats what I did when the drive was 8 hours from my old to new job.
  13. by   J&B-RN
    I would do it in a heart beat for that ICU trauma 1 hospital dream job!! Especially in todays market. When it comes to getting any job now a days you have to be willing to put a lot of yourself out there including time, money, and hope!! For a new grad, what other choice do you have? If you can't get ANY job where you live now or if you want desperately to get that dream job then it is more than worth it!!
    Save your pennies!!!
  14. by   joanna73
    Never. No way. Have they ever heard of phone interviews?? That's how I landed my position. I relocated 2000 miles away. Alternatively, a friend of mine flew out for her interview, for which she was hired. The employer paid her expenses.