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J&B-RN has 5 years experience and specializes in SICU.

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  1. I just graduated with a dual AGACNP/FNP a few months ago and job hunting has been zero fun!! I did not enjoy family med and want to avoid that area of medicine completely but it seems like those are the only jobs available!! Everywhere that is acute care or hospital based wants 2-5 years of experience. I’ve had a couple interviews only to be lead on and the job ultimately given to “someone with more experience”. I live in Seattle but applying all over WA, OR, ID and northern Nevada. Where are the acute care jobs?? I just don’t want to be in a clinic full time. I wouldn’t mind something that did clinic, hospital rounding, and OR time! Dream job! but alas... I have no experience. Did anyone start out in family med or some other clinic (renal/GI seems to be in demand) and then transition to the hospital after a couple years? How are new grads getting acute care jobs these days?? If I were to start out in the clinics would it Be better to do family med or a speciality (like renal/GI/wound care) If I plan I transitioning to the acute care setting ASAP? Any other new grads having the same issue?
  2. J&B-RN

    From SICU to BICU and I'm so bored!

    0Because of many reasons I moved to an entirely new city and took up a new job. I have over 4 years of surgical trauma ICU experience in a large level 1 facility that was a very fast paced ICU with really sick busy patients. We did everything from trauma to open hearts to transplants to burns to PICU. (It was a really unique unit that I absolutely loved!!) but I had to make a move to a new city. I applied to many jobs, but chose another level 1 trauma center (because I thought it would be the most exciting busiest ICU) and ended up in the adult Burn ICU and pediatric trauma ICU. I have very little burn experience (even tho my last job did burns they were not very common). Well I chose wrong. I am so incredibly bored!! I thought it being the only level 1 in the area I'd get to see a lot of interesting pediatric traumas and a lot of really interesting burns. But that just isn't the case. (Occasionally the peds traumas are very intense and interesting but also really sad so I don't get to excited about those and they aren't that common which is a good thing!) the majority of my patients are burns and they are boring. I want to go back to my open bellys on 14 drips and crrt and balloon pump and cracking open chests at the bedside. I've only been at the new job 6 months and I feel like I have completely lost all my critical care skills. Most burns are walking and talking and just need pain meds. I feel like I am wasting away in here! Its just frustrating but I don't want to quit when I've only been here 6 months. My coworkers are great, the pay is good, and the unit is well ran so it does have that going for it. Im also in school full time for a dual FNP/AGACNP, which I don't graduate for 2 more years, but I'm not sure it's worth it to switch jobs... especially since at some point I will need to cut back my hours. And even if I switched jobs I have no idea which other hospital or ICU would be more like what I'm looking for... Basically I just wanted to whine because I'm bored and I don't like burns and I miss how intense my old unit was and I'm just disappointed. I love bedside nursing and ICU nursing and I really wanted to love my new job (since it was going to be my last before I transition into an NP role) and I just don't. Not really sure where to go from here...
  3. Hey travel nurses! I was just wondering what your favorite ICU you've traveled to is?? what's the most intense, interesting, sickest, most challenging, assignment you've ever taken?? In a good way! Ive recently started in a new ICU and I'm bored out of my mind!! I went from a really big intense ICU to a small specialized ICU that just doesn't have the acuity of patients I'm use to. Trying to figure out where all the intense ICU's are at. I'm ready for a challenge.
  4. Hey everyone! I have a few (more like a million) questions about potentially moving to Seattle and working at harborveiw hospital. So my husband and I are both critical care RN's with 4 years experience in a level 1 trauma facility working in the SICU NSICU CTICU MICU and PICU. We are currently living in Vermont and looking to relocate to Seattle this summer. We are looking to apply to the critical care float pool team at harbor view hospital. We'd like to stay in a level 1 trauma facility. I'm an adrenaline junky and love getting the sickest of the sick patients. I was wondering if anyone has worked or is working in any of their ICUs and can give me the inside scoop? Is it a good hospital to work in? Are the ICUs pretty desirable to be in? What's the job market like for experienced nurses? Do they offer relocation assistance? Are they a unionized hospital? It's a big move for us and I'm already sad to leave my unit I work in now because it's been so amazing. But we are originally from the west coast and would like to get back closer to family. I'm also curious about where to live in Seattle? What neighborhoods are good if I want to try and keep my commute to under 30 mins? Max 45 mins? Will I have to use public transportation? I'm a night nurse, will I need to pay for parking or park off campus? I plan on buying a house pretty quickly. What's the housing market like? From what I can see it looks expensive!! Any other helpful information is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. J&B-RN

    Burlington Vermont Nurses!

    We bought a house. Rent is crazy expensive.
  6. J&B-RN

    Burlington Vermont Nurses!

    Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been on here for months! I would just keep hounding them (in a professional manner of course). Just keep letting them know you are VERY interested in working here and to keep you on their radar. Hope you here some good news soon!
  7. hello! my husband and I are both experienced critical care nurses (3 years in an ICU at a level 1 trauma facility). We are thinking about moving to Florida to soak up some sun on the beach for a few years. I am very interested in the ICU's at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. I was wondering if anyone has worked there/is working there that can give me some words of advice. Like: how is the hiring market there? Will it be easy for my husband and I to get jobs? What kinds of ICU's do they have there? I'm hoping they have a trauma ICU since that's my passion! How is the staff there, friendly, fun, happy, passionat about their jobs? Would you recommend working at this hospital and in the ICU's? Also just a side question, how is living in the sarasota area in general? Thanks in advance for any info!
  8. J&B-RN

    Will you pay 1000 dollars ticket for a interview?

    I would do it in a heart beat for that ICU trauma 1 hospital dream job!! Especially in todays market. When it comes to getting any job now a days you have to be willing to put a lot of yourself out there including time, money, and hope!! For a new grad, what other choice do you have? If you can't get ANY job where you live now or if you want desperately to get that dream job then it is more than worth it!! Save your pennies!!!
  9. I have experienced this same problem twice now. Since nursing is sooooo competitive to get a job in, especially as a new grad, moving around a lot is pretty common. I worked for a LTC center for about a year as an LPN then 6 months as an RN. At this position I did not tell my manager about my potential to leave until I had an interview that I knew went well enough that they would call my references and possibly my current boss (which took me 6 months of applying). I used my coworkers as references. When talking with my manager I explained my reason for leaving was because I wanted to gain experience in a hospital. She was very understanding. But since I was close with my coworkers and knew that they would not feel "butt hurt" that I was leaving I figured they would be the best references. Of course I gave my two weeks notice, and ensured that my manager knew that I was possibly leaving so it wouldn't be a shock if someone from a hospital called. At the second job which was the hospital job (med/surg) that I had left the LTC facility for I worked there for 10 months before I started applying for another job. This time I wanted to use my manager for my first reference because I knew she would give me a good one and help me get the dream job of ICU. I made sure to create a good working relationship with my boss, it also helps that she was very approachable and understanding. When the time came that I wanted to start looking I told her before I even started that I was going to start applying for jobs. I made sure to handle this situation delicately, and explained to her that while I loved working on med/surg at that hospital I did not like living in the area. (I had to relocate 3 hours away to a very rural area for my first new grad hospital job) I explained to her (in person) that I was ready to move because I wasn't happy living in the VERY small town that the hospital was located in and that I also wanted to try out an ICU job since I had also thought about doing critical care. In the end after 3 months of applying I got my ICU job and my med/surg boss was a great references! Since this is your only RN job and your only supply of good references you are going to have to use your boss or one of the charge nurses as a reference Recommendations: be honest, tell your boss before you start applying what you are planning on doing and the reasons why, be sure to state things like "the opportunity that she gave you was invaluable but you just aren't happy living so far away from family" or "you love the unit and the hospital, just not the area". (since that is your real reason of leaving right??) Nursing still has a very high turnover rate, and I stayed longer on my units than some of the other new grads I worked with so I knew a head of time that the bosses would be ok with my leaving. But since I knew from day one that I was going to be leaving the nursing home and the med/surg unit after a year of employment I made sure to be the best employee and a valuable team member so that my bosses would say I was worth the time and effort even though I was there just a year.
  10. J&B-RN

    This is getting SO frustrating!!

    I will look into those jobs, thanks for the heads up! Do you know if that are willing to hire without ICU experience? I saw that they wanted airway management, arrhythmia experience, and an EKG cert.... which I have none of those since on med/surg we don't deal with any of that...
  11. J&B-RN

    This is getting SO frustrating!!

    Thanks for the heads up! I will be applying there asap!!
  12. J&B-RN

    This is getting SO frustrating!!

    Ya you guys are probably right. I just hate waiting, working on a unit that I don't want to work on, and living in an area that I don't want to live in. Been there, done that, for over a year now, and have HATED every moment of it. Well at least it'll all be worth it in the end right! Or at least that's what I'll keep telling myself!
  13. I know I know, another RN whining about not getting her dream job... blah blah blah. But Seriously this is getting soooo hard to handle! I am RN with 2 months left to get my BSN (yeah!) with over a year of RN experience on a Med/Surg unit. I have been applying to ICU jobs all over the ENTIRE country for the last 3 months. From Washington State to Florida, with absolutely NO success. I either get those wonderful "thanks, but no thanks, your credentials don't match our needs" emails, or the HR people will call and say "we have some other units that more closely match your area of expertise." Which that is just stupid. If I wanted to stay on Med/Surg I wouldn't be applying for a job in the first place and I probably wouldn't be applying for the ICU!! Duh. My dream is to become a CRNA, but that can't happen without ICU experience. The hospital I work at now is very small and does not have an ICU or I would just transfer. I don't want to work in the same unit in a different hospital in order to move up because that will put me another year behind. I just want to land that ICU job now so I can get into CRNA as quickly as possible. I don't know what to do differently. I thought about looking into an internship but they make you stay with them for about 3 years and again I don't want to put off CRNA any more than I already have to. I worked my butt off to get the credentials I need for CRNA and it is sooooo frustrating to be denied the one last thing I need, ICU experience. Any words of encouragement, advice, or understanding is greatly appreciated. I won't give up but I can't help but feel frustrated and disheartened with all these "No's". Oh and if anyone knows of any hospitals willing to hire an RN into their ICU with only one year on Med/surg, Please let me know!!
  14. J&B-RN

    Please Nursing, Stop Trying So Hard!

    To me it sounds like you'll be the perfect nurse. Your obviously self and self involved. Exactly what a nurse is right? But don't worry when you have a baby you can take time off, which is the only good thing about being a nurse. On a serious note. You are disrespectful and arrogant to nurses as a whole. You obviously have no idea what a nurse actually does.
  15. J&B-RN

    Path to CRNA

    The best advice I can give is to get into a hospital as a CNA, especially if you can get into the ICU. That way when you get your RN you will already have a job waiting for you in the ICU. (No point is wasting time on other floors if you know what you want) Besides with the new grad hiring market these days if you don't have a foot in the door plan on spending another two years being an RN while you work your way to the ICU. And make sure you get straight A's in school. No ifs ands or butts. You wanna get in you have to work for it. And as for a DNP, no you do not have to get a doctorate to practice as a CRNA at this point in time. Will that change? Probably. When? I would bet within the next 10 yrs. Currently it is only 2 years after your BSN. Good luck.

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