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It's good to have an outlet you can spill your feelings about finding a job and struggling being unemployed. Got my CA RN license in Jan2011 and trying to land a RN job anywhere. Passed hundreds... Read More

  1. by   R.Williams
    [FONT=Lucida Console]I had a horrible time finding employment. I graduated with my BSN in May of 2011 and passed boards in June. I applied everywhere (it is like sending them to a black hole). Some places you get the email back from and some you never hear from again. And why is it so hard to get in touch with a Nurse Recruiter for the hospitals. Its like you send email after email and leave message after message and yet they never get back to you. So annoying. Anyways it is 6 months later and I finally received an offer back from a hospital I really wanted to work for (because of their extensive ER Nurse Residency Program) and was super excited to say yes hire me...lol. I went into nursing to help others I just didn't think it would be so hard to find employment.. OK I am done ranting!!
  2. by   froggy8
    R.Williams: CONGRATS!!! So what did you do in those 6 months ? I have a feeling I might need to find something to occupy myself with for some time...
  3. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Quote from DreamNurseRN
    LOL, oh but they do.
    I've heard stories that hospitals are still bringing in Asian nurses on worker visas because they don't have to pay them as much -- but being fairly knowledgeable about visas in general (hubby is Canadian), I really don't think that's actually possible. I suppose they could bring over experienced nurses and pay them at entry level wages even though they don't need the extensive training that an actual entry level nurse needs. I do know that many of the community hospitals in the area hire the bulk of their nurses on a PRN basis to keep from having to pay for bennies, overtime, etc.

    I just told my husband that hospitals these days hire fewer nurses to do the same or, usually, even more of the work that several nurses would have done before.
  4. by   KATRN78
    Me: "Hmm follow up? Ok, I will try that again."

    Called hospital, nicely asked about the status of my application.

    HR Receptionist::covers phone and talks to coworker:: "another new grad nurse calling to bug us about the status of their application."

    Me: "So sorry I am bugging you! How do I get a job at your facility, it seems very professional there?"
  5. by   PassionateRN2011
    I am from NJ and looking in NJ an MA. I have heard the usual time frame is up to about a year. It is Difficult but we will make it through. Do not give up!
  6. by   NurseWinn
    If I hear one more person tell me to just apply in LTC.....
  7. by   all4ofus
    I'm sick of people who supposedly love me pointing out everything I must be doing wrong. YES, I've made mistakes! NO, I'm not perfect! If I was the perfect job hunter and the perfect interviewer, I would have a job!!
  8. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from all4ofus
    I'm sick of people who supposedly love me pointing out everything I must be doing wrong. YES, I've made mistakes! NO, I'm not perfect! If I was the perfect job hunter and the perfect interviewer, I would have a job!!
    The job market is so bad right now that you could be the perfect job hunter AND the perfect interviewer, and still end up sitting on the sidelines jobless. You could be applying outside the box (read: not a hospital) to any position out there, be as flexible as they come, be willing to work any shift including the worst possible, and be ready to relocate to anywhere...and it still may not land you a job.

    And people need to realize that the fact that you don't have a job is not always your fault...because sometimes the employer's hiring decision boils down to chance and dumb luck.

    It's not fair to all of you, but that's unfortunately how it seems to be right now
  9. by   CrunchRN
    I hpoe things start looking better for you all.
  10. by   yoyo1908
    How long was your process to get hired in the corrections system. I have applied to about 5 jobs. I mistakenly applied before I got license and was told due to the huge number of applicants with licenses I would not be considered. Can you offer me any suggestions to get in? Thank you
  11. by   chuckster
    The nursing job market in most parts of the US is poor for a number of reasons, most of which have been touched on in this thread. The problem is exacerbated by the large and still growing number of new nursing grads combined with large numbers of experienced nurses who have either lost jobs, become underemployed or who have delayed retirement. This is not a situation that seems likely to be resolved favorably for new grads for some years, perhaps even for a decade or more.

    I am in the same boat as many who've posted here: A new grad RN from an ADN program. Though I'm an Army vet with over 15 years as a volunteer EMT and have several other degrees in addition to the ADN, I've found it exceedingly difficult to get even as much as an interview with a hospital or clinic. I've also applied to virtually every LTC facility in the area but as with most hospitals, these institutions too are averse to hiring new grads. I'm far luckier than most new nursing grads however since I have no school loans to repay and can simply continue on in my present non-health care related job.

    Though I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel on nursing, I'm close. I am about a third of the way through an RN-BSN program and will wait to see if having the BSN will open some doors. While I hope it does, I'm more than a bit worried that I will become a life member of what is shaping up to be a rather extensive generation of permanently non-practicing RN's.
  12. by   lilcampy310
    It is so frustrating!! We are hard-working people who go through a HARD program, graduate with degrees, are begging for jobs and still can't get any! No wonder our country has such a high unemployment rate. Sitting on the couch every day collecting unemployment does sound tempting, especially to those who don't have the motivation that we do. I am 5 months away from graduating and getting very nervous. I have lots of experience, and it's still all basically about 'who you know.' This annoys me so much! You should not get hired based upon what friends you have on the inside - it should be based on your KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS. I don't know WHAT nursing shortage everyone is talking about! It's pretty much non-existent in my book. I live in NJ and I thought that it was worse here because it's so densely-populated and there are so many schools in the area, but from what I've been reading, there are problems every where!

    All I have to say is good luck everyone! It all happens for a reason and you will eventually fall into the place you're supposed to be - or at least that's what I believe!
  13. by   RNtobeinSoCal
    What a great story, RN_PICU! Your attitude is what got you where you are. I'm relocating to SoCal and hadn't thought about prisons. I'll put them on the list. THANKS!!!