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  1. Hi All! I am new to cardiac cath and have a question regarding the order of things during a procedure. Correct me if I am wrong: First a sheath goes in, then a wire is inserted as a guide for the catheter. Then the physician can place a balloon or st...
  2. Thank you! Good luck with everything!
  3. froggy8

    Certification Exam Materials, I PASSED!

    Hello! This is a very interesting and helpful list of answers. Just curious if anyone ever used the exams by ExamEdge, I am wondering if I should buy any. I am in need of more questions to study from. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone! For those that have already taken or will be taking the AACN Nursing Informatics Certification Exam, how did you study? I am in need of more practice questions and wondering if anyone knew of any out there that were really good to help. ...
  5. froggy8

    CT scan job advice

    Thank you for the sound advice! I can tell you definitely love your job AZPICCRN. Definitely a good thing when you like what you do...
  6. froggy8

    picking up an extra shift

    Hello! I am wondering how some of you dealt with a situation like this: You have a full time job, you want to pick up a couple of shifts elsewhere in the same system that will not affect your full time job. The only effect I see is that you won't be ...
  7. froggy8

    CT scan job advice

    It will be an inpatient center. Do emergencies happen often there?? I guess allergies to contrast... Thank you!
  8. froggy8

    CT scan job advice

    Hello nurses, not sure if this is the right place to put this thread BUT I am in need of advice again!!! Just wondering if anyone had any experience working as an RN in CT scan, how it is and would you recommend it... I have a few years in bedside nu...
  9. froggy8

    work and school at the same time...

    BTW, not online program, you will have to show up in person for this masters program..
  10. froggy8

    work and school at the same time...

    Thanks so much for the advice !! all the replies made me feel so much better about my decision... I HAVE to continue full time night shift for money/life. School will have to be part time at this point in my life... Didn't know there were so many peo...
  11. froggy8

    work and school at the same time...

    Nurses have told me that working nights IS possible with part time school. It is just a little bit harder.... but I want to hear from more nurses...
  12. froggy8

    work and school at the same time...

    do you work nights also?
  13. Good Morning all nurses! I am a full time working nurse and just recently got into a masters of informatics program part time. I work night shift. I have no desire to go to day shift, there is less money and I was always a night owl my life. I am jus...
  14. Hi All Nurses! Hope everyone had a good Labor Day! and wasn't working like me =] Does anyone know of any nursing informatics masters degree programs in New York City?? I am looking into it but not sure if any are good... Also how is the job outlook ...
  15. froggy8

    nursing conferences

    Thank you for the wonderful advice, will be doing more searching now! In the meantime, keep the experience stories coming!