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Just passed my CCRN and I know that there are 3 years before renewal and that I have to obtain 100 (????) CEs. This is my very first certification =] soooo really new here, wondering how people get their CEs and are they expensive?? I understand ACLS, BCLS can be counted too....

Thank you! Any advice is appreciated!


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There are websites like RN.com where you can pay one low price for unlimited CEs online. Then you have other places (in person and online) that offer CEs for free but you have to keep an eye out for when those occur. I assume you have to do critical care-specific CEs for your CCRN?

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There are many, many ways to earn those 100 hours. Do yourself a favor and review the booklet AACN has about it. There are also many different areas to cover- and the booklet makes it clear. And no, they do not have to all be in critical care specific areas.

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Agree with meanmaryjean, AACN uses CERP's (Continuing Education Recognition Points). There is a corresponding value to every activity that you can involve yourself in, not just attending or completing CEU courses. Membership in committees, volunteer work, etc can be counted towards CERP's. AACN, however, requires a minimum of 60% CERP's in Clinical Judgement/Inquiry which means the activity must pertain to the needs of the acutely and critically ill patient/family.

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I just found the document you need. It's titled "Renewal by Synergy CERPs Program" on http://www.certcorp.org .

Thank you so much nurses!

Looking at that site right now. Also, since I am a member of the AACN, they send me magazines and inside these magazines are CE courses that are free!!! I don't have to pay YAYYYY...

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p.s. if your a member of AACN the online con ed is free. you could do all 100 and never pay a cent. I would however recomend budgeting to go to at least one NTI during your 3 year cycle. It's in May every year. Start talking to your local chapter, your hospital etc, to see what funding is there. And start budgeting to pay for it yourself if you have to. It's worth it. Usually get 20+ hours, more if your a go getter.