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Hello! I am wondering how some of you dealt with a situation like this:

You have a full time job, you want to pick up a couple of shifts elsewhere in the same system that will not affect your full time job. The only effect I see is that you won't be able to do OT on your normal floor, which is super hard to come by anyway. Do you tell your manager, just in case he/she finds out? I wouldn't want him/her to think that I don't care for my unit. What do you do? I don't feel it should be a problem BUT would love to hear your stories/experiences/advice...

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I have worked multiple positions within the same organization before. They (HR) had my managers sign a consent before I could start a new position. I think it's a good idea to keep your managers informed. They will likely find out one way or another if you don't. Really no need to be steathly. What does your HR require?

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Definitely be sure both managers are aware of the situation. There may be issues you are unaware of -- and you don't want them coming up in the wrong way and getting you in trouble for "sneaking around" or in any way appearing that you were not being straightforward about your employment situation.

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This may not be permitted by your facility. If you're being paid by the same organization, you are still legally entitled to overtime for more than 40 hours worked. So if picking up extra shifts results in scheduled overtime, it may not be permitted, or you may find yourself being cancelled or down staffed more often because you're on OT and other per diem employees aren't. In an organized system, this would be almost impossible to hide from managers, as disclosure is likely required. But many people work more than one job and it's not a big deal. It's also an option to look for per diem positions outside your facility.