Poll: I got my new grad job in...? Poll: I got my new grad job in...? | allnurses

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Poll: I got my new grad job in...?

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    i wanted to poll states, but alas max 10 options per poll
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    How about using regions instead of states? You can easily break them up into 10 or less:

    Texas (it is a whole other country)

    In fact, if you go here, you can find it broken up into batches of regions already (though you'll have to name them):
    List of regions of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Michigan - Stepdown.
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    Wisconsin- LTC
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    Texas - LTACH
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    South-Tennessee- Trauma ICU. Another offer in general peds.
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    Washington DC-L&D
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    Home Health...HI
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    Ohio- NICU and offer in SICU and MICU too
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    Michigan - Cardiac ICU
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    Psych and loving it!
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    CA - Peds