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  1. ENicuRN

    Where are new grads being hired right now?

    I am in Cincinnati and I know we have jobs down here! They are by no means easy to get, but better than what I am been told about the Columbus RN positions.
  2. ENicuRN

    I think I made a boo-boo...

    We are all human and Mistakes happen, but thank goodness your patient was not harmed. Just be sure to: 1) Always know AND practice within your scope of practice! 2) if you don't know about a certain device, procedure, medication, please please please don't use it or give the med without looking it up and consulting another nurse. It is really scary when people just assume " it's okay" when it is far from it. 3) Acknowledge your mistake, be honest about it, and learn from it!
  3. ENicuRN


    I am a new nurse as well and I was told it would also be a year before I would be expected to float. I think you did the right thing in COA and your license. You need to solidify your nursing practice before they send you all over the place!
  4. ENicuRN

    Poll: I got my new grad job in...?

    Ohio- NICU and offer in SICU and MICU too
  5. ENicuRN

    What courses would you recommend?

    Thanks for the advice! I looked STABLE up and think that it will be a great start foundation to help with the transition from a new grad to level III NICU
  6. ENicuRN

    Baby Jesus as a NICU admission

    That is beautiful!! Thank you for writing that and reminding us all how important it is to care for not only our NICU babies, but there families as well... Without our judgments! :-)
  7. ENicuRN

    Ncsbn online course?

    Absolutely! This was the main nclex preparation (as well as the hurst live review) that I took. I felt that the NCSBN questions were more true to the types of questions they asked on nclex. I felt that after doing so many other nclex questions, NCSBN is what really prepared me to think like nclex want you to think. I had 75 questions and passed the 1st time!
  8. ENicuRN

    Its a long shot...

    It's a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone has been through University Hospital's (Cincinnati,ohio) NICU orientation before? I start on August 27th and I was wondering how organized it is. I think I will be only one out of 3 who will be orienting to the NICU. I am really OCD and organized and thinking of not having a highly structured orientation program makes me really nervous! I want to be as competent and comfortable with as many different neonate situations and I feel the structured orientations ensure that because you have a constant "to do" list and checking off on what you need to be exposed to.
  9. ENicuRN

    Help Med Calculation Test Tomorrow at work

    mL/hour= (250mL/400mg) X (1mg/1,000 mcg) X (250mcg / 1minute) X (60minutes / 1 hour) = 9.375mL/hour Look through the question and always start with whatever you are looking for. This question is asking for mL per hour so you start with the mL part at the first numerator. Then you just cancel out each fraction by making sure if there is a mg on the denominator there is a mg in a numerator somewhere in the equation ( it doesn't have to be directly next to each other, as long as it is in the equation)
  10. ENicuRN

    Help Med Calculation Test Tomorrow at work

    I did see a lot of websites saying a grain was anywhere from 60-65mg so it definitely depends on who you are referencing. I'm glad another person was able to double check that.:-) Good luck tomorrow!
  11. ENicuRN

    Help Med Calculation Test Tomorrow at work

    Here is my fine print: I'm a new graduate RN and have done maybe only 5 grain to grams/mg medication calculation questions. So please have another person double check this!! Ok so this is what I got: a few websites said 1grain= 60mg And I am assuming that the sq at the end of the atropine is implying that it is 1/200 grain per mL So with these assumptions: 60mg X 1/200grain= 0.3mg Then do your standard calculations: (1mL/ 0.4mg) X ( 0.3mg/1dose)= 0.75mL per dose
  12. ENicuRN

    Am I gonna get fired or...?

    I completely agree!!!!! If this is your dream job then go for it and work your butt off! When you are presented with something new to do/learn simply say " I have never done this before, can I talk through it and then you correct me while I do it?" You have to remember that as a nurse you will NEVER know how to do everything. So your preceptor is trying to see what kind of nurse you are deciding to become. Would you tell the doctor " um I have never done that before, so can you prescribe something else?" OR are you going to be the nurse that looks up the hospital policy on a new procedure, look it up in your text reference, and then find another nurse that can be at the bedside to make sure you're doing it right? Seek opportunities and show them this is your dream job!!
  13. ENicuRN

    8th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    " Well you see Batman it was really me, Robin, who has been running the show the entire time. I just wanted you to believe that it was your idea for me to be your side-kick."
  14. ENicuRN

    8th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    "Well you see batman it was really me, Robin, who has been running the show the entire time. I just wanted you to think me being your side-kick was your idea."
  15. ENicuRN

    Advice for new RN to NICU!

    Thank you! I look forward to all the NICU world is going to teach me! For my nursing management/role transition for nursing school I was in the NICU. I have not started orientation for my job yet, it starts on Aug 13th. The experiences I had while in the role transition were everything from feeder-growers to babies ventilated while on 3-4 drips and with an ICP. So I learned a lot in the short time but I also realize that it was minimal exposure to the specialized NICU.