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I took my NCLEX exam before Thanksgiving and have been putting in applications. I put in maybe 35 applications and went in person to several places. So far I've gotten one interview and then was declined for 35 positions. I'm... Read More

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    Hmmm. I graduated in May and havent found a job but... I didnt start looking till December 1st. No interviews yet but Ive turned in about 100 applications and got denied for more than half of them lol. Oh well just call HR twice a week at the hospitals asking for updates! Revamp you resume and coverletter! Try asking around to your classmates?

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    Try not to keep your head down! This is happening everywhere, and it's very frustrating! I graduated almost 3 years ago, and I had to put in application after application after application for months and months...I started about 6 months before I graduated, and never even heard anything back for an interview until about a week after I DID graduate. Luckily, I got to start a couple months after my NCLEX, but it took me a long time of searching, and it was the same for many of my classmates. The nursing economy is not like it used to be. My mom graduated late-90s and was told, "you can go to work in whatever area you want to fresh out of school", and you could. It's not like that anymore. You can find a job as a new grad, but the competition is harder, and you might have to take whatever you are offered. Just keep applying, and apply for anything you see. Don't be picky. It may suck to spend a year in an area you're not happy with, but if you need to work, then you need to work! Just don't give up. You will find something! Good luck!
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    Quote from netglow
    health department usually wants MSN Case Managers.
    I applied and thought, no way I'd get it but I would love to work there. I'm an ADN graduate with some minor experience and was hired! I had no idea a new grad could work there but I'm so glad I tried anyway. That's unfortunate they require a MSN. I was going to recommend OP try for government/state jobs.
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    Many people had to relocate for that first job, myself included. Have someone proof read your resume also, but keep applying. 35 applications isn't that many. Some people sent out 100-300 apps in this economy before they had 1-2 interviews. It isn't just you. The market is very sluggish in most areas. Good luck!
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    The market is tight even for experienced nurses. I would agree that re-doing the resume might help. I re-vamped mine and got a few nibbles that way. Also, don't give up...my current job was one I applied to numerous times. I applied every time they had an opening, even if I was rejected before, and eventually, I got that call. Be persistent! Sometimes you may want to consider widening your "net" and looking at shifts/jobs you previously would not have preferred, or even just getting a per diem or other job to get a foot in the door. It is really tough in the job market. I send you well wishes in your search! Hang in there.
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    It is tough. I am employed, but have been looking for a per diem position to supplement for months. Like others have said, qualifications can be specific. I've been a nurse for 2.5 yrs and I'm not qualified for a lot even with critical care and L&D experience. My best advice is to use your contacts from school, clinicals, whatever. Honestly, who you know can open a door. Most people want to help. If you did well in a class or clinical, contact that person/unit.
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    Yes the game have changed even though they (nursing schools) still push the programs as usual. Hospitals are not hiring right now and only 45% of new grads are getting training. The nursing shortage is over for now but a new one is coming soon, stay put.
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    Quote from Ntheboat2
    I don't know why it is, but at least from what I've seen, classmates aren't too helpful when it comes to helping others get jobs. I tried to help a friend get a job by telling them which places had called me for interviews so they could apply and even telling them the questions I was asked in the interviews, but for some reason we drifted apart when I got a job and they didn't have one. It's weird, but I've never been surprised to see people thrive on the failure of others instead of being happy for their success. I don't think the job hunting process is any exception.
    Why would anyone be helpful to 'competition'?
    I helped 3-4 of my classmates (AFTER I MADE SURE THAT I HAD A JOB, FIRST) and told them to keep their traps shut to the rest of our class. No, really.
    I'd be like, "Shut up...!" LOL
    Some of my classmates - they used to act like job hunting was a group assignment.
    They'd hear about a position and blab it to everyone.
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    Quote from MedChica
    Why would anyone be helpful to 'competition'?
    I helped 3-4 of my classmates (AFTER I MADE SURE THAT I HAD A JOB, FIRST) and told them to keep their traps shut to the rest of our class. No, really.
    I'd be like, "Shut up...!" LOL
    Some of my classmates - they used to act like job hunting was a group assignment.
    They'd hear about a position and blab it to everyone.
    I guess you could look at them as competition. By the time I had a phone call and interview set up or went through the interview, I didn't really see a classmate just then putting in an application as competition. I mean, if the manager planned on hiring me, I doubt one of my classmates would've blown them out of the water so much that they'd change their mind about me and take back my offer. I guess some people aren't as confident as others. If I didn't have a job and my classmate had 3 offers, I would hope they would help me out. Apparently that's crazy.
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    Thanks all, Sorry I didn't get back sooner. Decided to not think about not finding a job and went to my mothers and painted her bathroom for her.

    Well I've had my teachers, my mom, my sister, and my precepter review my resume and cover letters. I've also gone in person to several locations and spoke to hiring managers but each one tells me they don't hire new grads. Makes me wonder how any new nurse gets a job. I've applied at all the hospitals in the area and within driving range. (meaning I don't have to fly to get there lol but up to an hours drive). I've also looked at clinics and some nursing homes/skilled nursing homes but no bites.

    I've also been trying since school to find a job in my other field but that's very tight as well and seems the temp agencies don't have much. But I'm still looking everywhere. I was wondering if I should try Alaska lol, isn't that state always hiring for something? As for my classmates, the ones that stayed in touch are ones without jobs.

    One would think there would be someone willing to hire me. I always see about 10-15 openings per facility I check but they all say they don't hire new nurses. Makes me wonder if they ever get the positions filled. One hospital is even using all their day shift nurses to pick up and work extra day's and night shifts but won't hire new grads even though they are loosing their staff left and right. Just doesn't make since to me.

    Thanks again all for the encouragement. I'll keep getting out there and pounding the pavement. Hopefully someone will give in and give me a try!
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