How are Schools getting away with pumping out so many new graduates for no jobs? - page 8

Question: How are Schools getting away with pumping out so many new graduates for no jobs? Thoughts: My first thought on this is that there is a lack of education or better yet lack of... Read More

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    i look at it this way:

    1)You have those who want to go into nursing no matter what: shortage or no shortage, this is my dream job, this is what I want to do-dam what anyone else says, media says

    2) Nursing is ok, Id rather much study anthropogly because I find people and culture fascinating, however I know the odds of finding a job in anthrolopgy (without going for a masters) are slim to none so I will go with the "safe" major-nursing. (Don't mean to pick on anthro majors, just using that as an example)

    3) The days where one could get hired right out of college regardless of degree (because the employer was willing to train the grad) seem to be less. Yes maybe your cousin with the Socioloy degree who graduated in early 2000s, late 90s got hired for some office/business/cubical type job and he is doing a fine job (because again employers are willing to train)-that is no longer the case. The employer can now be picky, why waste resources training when I can just hire one of the many accounting, business, finance grads etc...? So as in case 2 why take a chance in majoring in something else, I will just for Nursing because that is where the jobs are

    And of course you have the media hyping nursing like there is no tomrrow (though that shift may change to IT soon) adds to the influx of nursing and prenursing students. There is no doubt it is bloody tough out there for most college grads (regardless of major) entry level postions require 2-3 years of expereince, even getting unpaid internships is incredibly diffcult and working that job you had in high school, post college seems to be the norm- hence many are going to nursing because it is the closest thing they can see to "guarnteed" employment

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