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background check

  1. 0 hello guys... I just got a call from the hospital i applied to regarding background check. after my interview, the nurse recruiter told me that the HR department will do background check. does it mean i got the job or not? thank you...
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    So, when you asked them, "does this mean I have the job or not?" What was their response?
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    They wouldn't do a background check if they weren't interested..
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    Means you're hired pending your background check results.
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    thank you for your replies!
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    Nobody does background checks until you have been selected for the job.... those things are expensive. Most of the time, they go ahead and make you an offer that is contingent upon the background check. Otherwise, they may end up doing it (spending $) but you don't accept the job. Sounds like someone may have just dropped the ball this time.
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    Background checks are five bucks and employers get a discount for multiple. Many employers do a background check before the offer then make an offer then do a drug test. It means you are still in the running! GOOD LUCK!
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    Agree with everyone else. The only time I get background checks are when I have gotten the jobs Tentatively.
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    I went for my first interview today and was ask to do a urine drug screen ( I was on my period, awkward!) and then a lifting test and background check. The nurse recruiter offered $$/hr and then told me to wait for her phone call once she got the background check result. I'm not sure if that's how it works but it feels like I got the job.
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    Quote from serenitylove14
    Agree with everyone else. The only time I get background checks are when I have gotten the jobs Tentatively.
    Perhaps it's regional but many places here have you come in with your own check, it is actually $5 and they drug test you on site.