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  1. St_Claire

    computer charting is killing my career

    I keep the laptop on my lap and go through the OASIS then the care plan. I put the laptop in my bag and do my assessment making notes in my notebook, I also note what I taught, issues, etc. then when I get to my car I do the nursing note and put in t...
  2. St_Claire

    Home Health a good option for single mom?

    Yes. It will require time management skills but it is doable. You will need a back up plan for those days it doesn't work. I would suggest being honest with your employer about your availability.
  3. St_Claire

    Home Health Certifications

    You need 2 years of full time experience to test for this.
  4. St_Claire

    New Agency, need advice!

    I work hourly so I'm paid for all hours the same including time I spend doing paperwork. Travel is from your house to the patient then subtract the miles from your house to the office. It sounds counter intuitive but if your first patient is a mile f...
  5. St_Claire

    Phone reimbursmenti

    I work for a not for profit and we are offered $30 per month or a company cell phone.
  6. St_Claire

    Phone reimbursmenti

    My message is intentionally long and I speak slowly so it takes forever to get through my message: Hi This is Kym Last Name at Best Home Health & Hospice. If this is an emergency please hang up and dial 911. If you are calling between the hours o...
  7. St_Claire

    Pearson Vue Trick was WRONG!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Nurse, you passed!!!
  8. St_Claire

    No training on OASIS - new to home health

    All of that sounds very unprofessional. I would not be comfortable putting my license on the line. My company pays for everything: mileage, mi-fi, cell phone, laptop, and .55 per mile.
  9. St_Claire

    Paid amount per visits

    That's less than half the hourly wage and per visit fees are MUCH higher than that. It was a complete waste of your time.
  10. St_Claire

    how to locate reputable agencies as a new LPN?

    Maybe this is true in certain areas. Thankfully it isn't true in Utah. Also there isn't a mandated one year rule here either.
  11. St_Claire

    how to locate reputable agencies as a new LPN?

    I disagree with awheat. When a home health company hires a newly licensed nurse they accept the responsibility to train them, the same way any facility or hospital does. What you want to do is ask about the training. How long will they let you do rid...
  12. St_Claire

    Start of care documentation

  13. St_Claire

    Praying in the work place

    Okay, everyone chant with me: Vast is the robe of liberation A formless field of benefaction I wear the Tathagata's teaching Saving all sentient beings. (Chant the above three times in a monotone; once for Buddha, once for Sangha, and once for the D...
  14. St_Claire

    Praying in the work place

    As a Buddhist I do not believe in hope the way you define it here. Hope means I am looking to the future for my happiness instead of being present in this moment (and this one...and this one...) therefore holding hope out to me is meaningless to me a...
  15. St_Claire

    Praying in the work place

    There's even more research that states meditation does all those things and MORE.

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