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    Hey guys,

    I'm not here to complain or whine about no job. I know it'll come soon. I was just wondering if there is something wrong with my resume. I graduated May 2012 with an ADN in Illinois, with no nursing experience except for clinicals. I do have some volunteer time under my belt at a hospital. So while I'm playing the waiting game, I've had to get a job to get money flow in. In the meantime I have become a Support Manager at a company. I was hoping since I lack nursing experience, having managerial experience on my resume would help. I even used "buzz" words like assign, delegate, and instruct in my resume. So basically is there anyway I can get a leg up? Do I need to do CE's? Unfortunately, I can't volunteer now since I work. Every person I have come across, I have asked if they know any nurses I can get in touch with. Just looking for suggestions. Hope everybody's doing well!

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    Just keep applying. I know that is horrible to hear, I've just been hired FT after doing 1 year of working per diem, flu shot clinics, even retail. I sent out 1-2 apps everrrrry daaaaay and I had two interviews total. (Not counting staffing agencies and recruiters, even open houses, but that's a whole other thread...) The right job will snag you up, and I hope that it's soon. Best of luck to you!
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    I had the same thing only I wasn't a new grad. Probably 200-250 resumes without an interview. I decided to hire a company to do up a résumé for me. To test it out I sent out only one résumé to my dream job at a children's hospital..4 days later I got called for an interview. I'm not saying you have to pay a bunch of money but get someone to at least look at your resume.
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    Yeah, I've had a professional do my resume around Resume 250.
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    I have a lot of friends in IL and I know that finding a hospital job with an ADN is really, really tough. Most hospitals in that area ask for BSN only. The job market for nurses in the Chicago area started picking up last year, so that is a plus, but they are still looking for a minimum of a Bachelors. Have you tried applying to clinics or other non-hospital jobs? You will have a better shot with those types of institutions - just get your foot in the door.
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    In following the IOM recommendation that 80% of nurses hold their BSN by 2020 (some say 2018) I would suggest that you take two steps. 1) enroll in a RN to BSN program. Online is helpful with busy schedules. Arizona State University has a wonderful program that I am graduating from after 8 months. 2) Continue to volunteer. Experience is in your favor. Blessings on your search. Who did your resume?
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    Who did everyone use for resumes?
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    I'm convinced there are no nursing jobs.
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    I would not recommend enrolling in a bachelor/masters program before you have SOME type of job - any paying job. Does not matter if it's nursing. You need to have some way of paying on your loan even if you have someone else paying all your bills for you (which, is not really a cool thing to be doing). A BSN is no sure thing, or even much of a step towards a job in a flooded market. Remember educational loans are not forgiven, ever. If you default, you may lose your license come renewal time.
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    Are you considering LTC at all?
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