Want to get out of nursing, what can I do with my degree????

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    I want to get out of bedside nursing. What can I do with my degree? I have a BSN and less than a year of acute care experience. I want to do something different now. I think my body and mind cant handle the stress of bedside nursing anymore. My figure deteriorated since I started to work. There are multiple times that I didnt eat for 14 hours at work! I hold my pee many times also. I hope I didnt develop renal problems. I cried multiple times coming home late from work. Now, I need a change. Maybe a 8 hour/5 days a week job. I dont care if the pay is less as long as im happy. Im thinking of getting a desk job for a change. If not, then maybe I can use my degree to become a physical therapist.
    Has anyone done this before? Any suggestion? What career change did you end up doing? Thanks for the vent.
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    very interested in what people say about this. I've seen humana ads for case manager work , i've applied many times and have not received a call or reply. but it may have something to do with the economy....

    any success stories out there?
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    Hey Pale,

    let me just say that you are not alone in your feelings, there are hundreds of nurses in your situation, however what I want to point out is that technically you are still a new graduate and many new nurses state that they have not felt confident and comfortable with bedside nursing until their second year, usually.

    It has been my experience that most places usually want some sort of bedside/acute care experience for non-bedside positions. If the stress level is too much maybe you would enjoy something like home health.

    In regards to PT, you would have to take a few more courses to qualify for a PT program and even then there is a growing trend that requires PT to obtain a doctorate degree in order to practice.

    Best of Luck
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    case mgt is an evolving field but i think you have to have 2 to 3 years of experience in most cases. I do have friends that got jobs as case managers right out of school and they LOVE Their jobs, they do get paid quite a bit less but they work monday thru friday 8 to 430....those jobs will be expanding with health care reform. I suggest just doing a search on job websites i look weekly just for fun and there are lots of 'non-bedside' jobs out there. the problem you will most likely run into is you have less than a year of experience.... that is a tough sell. Other things to think about would be home health....one pt at a time , more of a case mgt job. what about an admissions nurse for home health? those are usually 9-5 kind of jobs . those kind of experiences can lead you to other opportunities. I suggest trying out other areas of the field until you find you niche.
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    Ever thought of outpatient surgery centers? From what I hear...great hours (8-5), no on-call, low stress, increased independence, very strong sense of teamwork and collaboration etc etc.
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    Well, : "you can make a hat, or you can make a brooch, or a pterodactyl ......"
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    Wow currently 18 reading this page..........hello, we are all thinking of the same thing.
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    i dont get that quote???
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    telephone triage, teaching in a nursing school's skills lab, office nursing, research, transplant coordinator, hospice/home health (although you will still be caring for patients its less likely you will encounter the problems of acute care settings), teach in cna or lvn schools (although I doubt you will get a position with your minimal experience, public health, school nursing... The possibilities are endless. You could also get out of nursing entirely and do something else.
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    Ha! Just looked at your previous posts. You only just got out of orientation a couple of weeks ago. Be certain that your frustration has nothing to do with the stress of being new as opposed to you not liking bedside nursing. Once you are out of the acute setting, it can be hard to get back in especially in this economy. Good luck

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